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1. Your assignment this week is to create a brochure, or a large postcard mailer, or a one-page pop-up web advertisement. You will create this in Microsoft Word, unless you have another software. If you have another software make sure you save it as a PDF so I can view it.

You need to have text that either tries to educate or influence change. You may choose anything around you as a subject. When gathering information from your source you still must put the information into your own words.

When developing a trifold brochure, think about what text needs to be included. Just like in your television script, you only have a few minutes of someone’s time to fill when you are writing a small marketing piece. Think about the 5 W’s again. What are the facts? What are deeper elements you can add to the piece to make it interesting? Are there any quotes or endorsements that would give life to your material? What is a little-known fact? Are there too many words on the page, or are there not enough words?

Visually, you have to use at least three pictures. You want them to help you convey the story you are trying to tell. Are they recent and do they show a current situation? Do they depict a broad range of topics, colors, lighting, emotions, etc? Do they truly interact with the text to add richness and connection to the words? There is nothing worse than a random picture in an advertising piece that does not seem to fit in with what is being told, or a picture that is not explained and just used to take up space. There is nothing better than a picture that captures the audience and forces us to pay attention. So think about the pictures you might use in your piece this week.

I will grade the projects by making sure they have the right amount of content and sufficient text for the story being told. I will look for at least three clear and rich pictures. I will also look at your design scheme for the brochure. The whole piece should appear balanced, with eye-catching pictures and informational text. It should not be distracting, be too crowded, have too many fonts, have too many words, or have pictures that have nothing to do with the text or that are not explained. You want to clearly tell the story and draw the audience in.

If you are using your own work for pictures, you do not need to have a credit line. If you are using someone else’s, then you need to have a credit line under the picture. The credit line for pictures can be significantly smaller text, 6-10 pt. font, and be either left or right justified underneath the photo so that the focus is still on the picture itself.

2. After looking at all the external links, you should have a good introduction to famous pictures from history. What is your favorite photojournalist picture, and why? There are two rules: you cannot copy what someone before you has posted. There can be no repeat pictures. Finally, you must explain in minimum of 250 words why this picture is important.

The alternative to this is to find a picture that is currently in the news, either as entertainment, sports, news, etc. Explain why you think it is important and what does it say about our society. For this assignment write a minimum of 250 words.

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