COMP – 10062 Programming in Java


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This project is about using GUI components to create a userfriendly view for an object or set of
objects that serve as the model. You have a high degree of freedom in this assignment:
You must create some sort of activity (game, puzzle, quiz, etc.) that will engage a user.
o The activity must have some sort of “memory” or “tracking” of a user e.g. the quiz tracks the
user’s score, the puzzle or game keeps track of the state of play, etc.
You must create at least one class that will be used to create an object that is model for the
o This is where all the logic will be implemented.
o The model should, as much as possible, return generic information that any view could
use to present the information to the user in its own way.
o If appropriate, you may include a draw method in the model to allow it to render itself
on a graphics context (even though this is, strictly speaking, part of the view).
You must create a JavaFX GUI that will serve as the view for the activity.
o The view must have at least 3 different component types (label, button, text field,
canvas, and/or others that you research on your own).
o The view must not implement any logic it should just respond to button presses by
calling methods in the model and displaying the results.
o You must change the default look and feel of some of the components to make the GUI
look good (or at least it should look like some thought went into its design).

What App Should You Create?

The app you create is up to you. Any sort of one player game, puzzle or quiz will do, but there might be
other types of apps that fill the bill as well. But be careful not to overwhelm yourself keep the task
Bringing Back Old Assignments
Feel free to go back to old assignments and add a graphical view or a proper model:
Assignment 2: Present a GUI view of the three Chicken objects, and then allow the user to press
buttons and use text fields in order to manipulate them.
Assignment 3: Present a GUI for the taxi driver and allow different options on the view. Use text bosex
and buttons to complete the trip for drivers.
Assignment 3: How about turning the model into a dice game that can be played? Use the
Player, Die and Game objects as the model. Modify the Game object so it can be displayed on a
GUI, and add methods for it to play one round at a time.

Think about it as a potential portfolio item that you could show off in a job interview. The sky’s the limit. New
FX components, graphics, animations, sounds, and other bells and whistles are all encouraged.

NOTE: This is a college-level project so please use basic required Java programming. And most importantly DO NOT use any AI tool to write the code it should be handwritten. Please read and follow all the instructions properly.

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