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Statistics Research Critique

This assignment will consist of a quantitative article critique with a focus on the methods, statistics, analysis and interpretation. It will be important to analyze and evaluate the article not just summarize – for example it is not enough to say the sample size was adequate. You should state the sample size and state why you know it was adequate. Do NOT cut/paste from the article- this is YOUR interpretation and analysis of the article. If you use Polit or another source to substantiate your comment, then reference the source. Do not include quotes in the critique.

If you want more specifics to help you with the critique: check out Polit & Beck, (2021) on p: 304- guideline for critiquing data collection plans in quantitative studies and structured data collection methods; p.381- guideline for critiquing descriptive studies, p. 408-guideline for critiquing bivariate inferential analyses, p. 465- guideline for critiquing interpretations in discussion sections of quantitative research reports. These guidelines break down the components of the critique process for quantitative research.

Write your critique directly into the rubric. Do not do it in paragraph form.

Choose from the list of articles attached. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN ARTICLE. YOU MUST CHOOSE FROM THE ARTICLES BELOW:

1. Jarrell, L., (2016). Professional development and mentorship needs of nurse practitioners, Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 32(1), 26-32. 2016 Jarrell_MentorshipNeedsNoviceNPs.pdf

2. Pintz, C., Zhou, Q., McLaughlin, M., Patterson, K., & Guzzetta, C. (2018). National study of nursing research characteristics at magnet designated hospitals. The Journal of Nursing Administration. 48(5), 247-258. 2018 National Study of Nursing Research characteristics at magnet designated hospitals-1.pdf

3. Klotzbaugh, R., Ballout, S., & Spencer, G. (2020). Results and implications from a gender minority health education module for advance practice nurses. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 32, 332-338. 2020. Klotzbaugh et al. Results_and_implications_from_a_gender_minority..pdf

4. Potts, J., & Southard, E. (2019). Teaching it forward: Educating parents about HPV/HPV vaccine. Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice, 12(1), 46-58. 2019 Potts. Teaching it forward.educating parents about hpv hpv vaccine.pdf

Please note:

1. Be sure to use a model such as Johns Hopkins Evidence Level and Quality GuideLinks to an external site. Links to an external site.or Polit and Beck. (2021), p. 29 to appraise the evidence

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