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Please respond to discussion below using current APA edition and 2 scholarly references. Must be 150 words.

The electronic medical record system that is used is Epic. The pros I found with Epic is that I am already used to it as it is the same one, I use and have used in the hospital. I am very familiar with how it works and the similarity that it brings whether it is outpatient, inpatient, or clinic care. Another pro about using epic is that it gives you a tutorial whenever you need it to refresh your memory (Rodriguez, 2023). Epic also has a great technical support group that can resolve technical issues quickly to get back to work without wasting much time. Lastly, Epic is user friendly and can be taught to use very easily.

The con I have found about Epic is the layout difference between the clinic and inpatient. Like everything in life, it takes time to perfect and get familiar with a new system. My first job out of nursing school I was in the ICU, and it was a lot of documentation and a lot of tabs one had to press daily. Now that I work outpatient, the lay out is different and less documentation is needed. Although, I am outpatient and have a much simpler lay out the clinic lay out is even more simple and requires us to write a note for each patient.

Is E-prescription incorporated on the EMH?

E-prescription is incorporated on the EMH which is a pro. A lot of the patients we see are for medication management and even when I was in my adult health clinical it was very easy and efficient. It was also better for the patient because before they would check out their medication would be already prescribed and sent to their preferred pharmacy (Nitkin, 2019). This gives patient a piece of mind as it is difficult to get to reach the doctor or one may lose the prescription.

Does it have adaptive learning?

Epic EMR can provide a personalized learning experience for health care professionals. With adaptive learning it can tailor the content to the individual learners needs and pace they are going (Nitkin, 2019).

Does it have Incorporated patient doorway?

In my clinic Epic does have incorporated patient doorway as we chart everything with the patient in the room. The patient also has access to their notes and recent labs with a code that is provided to each patient for them to have.

Is there Flexibility with the absence of internet connectivity?

Unfortunately, I am not aware if Epic and the clinic have flexibility with the absence of the internet connectivity. I would assume that if the internet connection goes out, we would have to go the “old fashion” way and paper chart everything until the system and internet is back and running.

Does it have effective documentation and Image management capability.

Epic has the capability to upload images on the media tab on a patient (Nitkin, 2019). For example, if the patient comes in for a rash, the picture of the rash can be uploaded straight to the chart. Effective documentation is important in the healthcare field as one must be very specific and document everything for the safety of the patient and the safety of the providers. There is no such thing as too much documentation in this field and Epic allows you to do that.

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