For this project you are going to use a photo of yourself


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For this project you are going to use a photo of yourself, and place yourself in a situation that you could not have possibly been. Some examples of “situations that you could not have possibly been” might include the following:

  • a location back in time
  • on another planet
  • riding on the top of a bee
  • as a massive giant walking through a city
  • as a miniature person sitting on a leaf
  • as a half human/half animal
  • etc.

You can NOT simply place yourself in another country, or in a location that you have never visited, because if you do a good job in Photoshop it will only appear as though you really visited that country or location. The overall goal for this project is to come up with an amazing idea, and use the tools in Photoshop to make it appear believable. Nobody is going to believe that you really visited another planet, or that you were miniaturized, and sat on a leaf, though if you do a good job with masking, color and value matching, etc. it will appear as though you did.

You will be completing TWO separate images for this project. Both images will have a different theme, and must use a different photo of yourself. As an example, you can use one photo taken of yourself outdoors for a space themed project, and a second photo taken of yourself outdoors for an underwater themed project.

Please review some of these sample project ideas for inspiration

Please watch the following video for more details regarding this project: to an external site.

Project Relevance

This project is important because you are going to apply everything you are learning in Photoshop to create your composition. Creating believable composite images based on an understanding or color, value and composition is something designers do when creating digital art in the fields of Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Steps to Complete this Project

1.) PLAN the concept for this project

2.) LOCATE a photo you want to place yourself into

  • You may use any photos for this project (even ones you do not have the right to use)
    *The PSD file must be at lease 2272×1704 (4MP)

3.) TAKE a new full body photo of yourself, or LOCATE an existing one to use for this project

  • You need to be featured prominently in the foreground of the photos
    *Do NOT place a small photo of yourself in the background of a photo or simply place your head onto the body of another person.

4.) OPEN the files in Photoshop

5.) USE the tools we have learned to composite yourself into the new location, and make it appear believable. We will be learning additional tools and techniques in the coming weeks that you will also use to complete this project.

6.) REPEAT the previous steps with a different a different image. You will be submitting TWO completely different images for this project

7.) UPLOAD both .psd files to this location

8.) UPLOAD both of .JPG files to this location

9.) UPLOAD both .jpg files to the Project #1 Discussion Forum

*note – All feedback from your instructor will be provided on the Project #1 Discussion Forum

To Do Prior to Submitting:

  • Add your name to your file (ex: I would change the file name deception.psd to Deception_Mike_Cooperman.psd
  • Please ensure that you are uploading the correct file prior to submitting it
  • Please do not upload your file(s) in the .zip or .rar file formats
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