JH (EHSM) 3 parts.


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  1. PART 1–
  2. B________ and F______ are critical for plant growth and for building S______. Bacteria and Fungi break down nutrients in the soil and supply them to the plants through their roots. In exchange plants “leak” some of the c_____________ to feed bacteria.
  1. Define and give an example of:
  1. Pesticide
  1. Insecticide
  1. Herbicide
  1. Fungicide
  1. Nematicide
  1. Rodenticide
  1. Fumigant

3. Considering food waste, how does it negatively impact the environment? What resources are used or polluted?

4. Describe what organic means on the label of our foods. Be specific about pesticide use.

5. Monsanto Article Questions:

Article: Monsanto’s Big Lie About Roundup and the System That Enabled It

  1. Internal communications made clear that Monsanto did what, specifically to Round Up / glyphosate?

  1. What is Agent Orange and some of the effects?

  1. Did Monsanto know these products were harmful? How do you know?

  1. If a scientist’s research interferes with the profits of a multibillion dollar corporation, what can happen?
  1. What are your thoughts on that (the above) type of censorship?

  1. Thousands of plaintiffs complained that exposure to Monsanto’s herbicides caused what specific cancer?
  1. What happened to Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, and what was the outcome?
  1. What are genetically modified “Round Up Ready” seeds?

  1. In 1985 what did 8 members of the EPA’s toxicology branch do?

  1. Is round up still available?


Week 12 Discussion

3030 unread replies.3030 replies.

Submit a written discussion and two responses to peers for points in this assignment.


During this discussion, please choose one of the questions below and respond. Responses should be well thought out, developing your ideas clearly. Please use proper grammar and spelling. Your response is due on Wednesday, and your replies to classmates are due Sunday.

  1. Do you believe food waste indirectly causes the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers in our environment? Explain your reasoning.
  2. Given the benefits of pesticides, should specific chemicals such as DDT be outlawed in the United States? Explain your reasoning.
  3. Organic farming is popular among people who can afford it. Do you believe that organic food is safer than regularly produced food? If food can be grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, should that become the new standard? Explain your reasoning.


Weekly Reflections: After completing the weekly assignments you will provide a reflection of your week’s learning process. This should include your personal thoughts on the information you learned, any complications or positive aspects of your learning experience. Elaborate on areas that you need to improve and things that led to your success. Grading will be based on the thoroughness of your responses and depth of your reflection, and spelling and grammar.

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