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Intensity (how hard the body has to work) during physical activity and exercise is extremely important. The more intensity you add into your workout, the more benefits you will receive including: more calories burned, building a stronger heart and lungs, etc. Intensity is probably the most important element of your workout because when you workout at a sufficient intensity, your body grows stronger and you’ll see benefits and improvements in your weight, body fat percentage, endurance, and strength (example: if you were to compare walking and running, running will give you the most benefit since you are exercising at a more intense level- burning more calories and working your heart and lungs more).

An easy way to determine if you are adding intensity into your workout is by how hard you are breathing, how much you are sweating (though some people tend to sweat more than others), and HEART RATE.

In your weekly activity logs, you should be reaching AT LEAST 130 BPM (Beats Per Minute). If you aren’t, be sure to add more intensity into your exercises! If you are reaching higher than 130 BPM, that’s great! 150 BPM and higher is an even better target to reach (we use 130 BPM since it’s the average). Remember that in order to benefit, you must keep your heart rate up consistently for at least 30 minutes at a time, and for at least 3 days of the week.

Note #1– Target heart rate depends on resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. If you are an athlete, you will have a slower RESTING heart rate than someone who is not as active, meaning you will need to pick up the intensity to reach your TARGET heart rate during your workouts to gain the most benefit.

Note #2-Again, every TARGET heart rate is different for everyone. We use 130 BPM for a goal for exercise because it’s a good median (in the middle number). Your target heart rate will be different than your peers depending on how physically active you are, age, medication use, body position, stress level, etc.

Use this easy tool to help you find your Target Heart Rate:

Target Heart Rate CalculatorLinks to an external site.

Note #3-Try not to exceed your MAXIMUM heart rate (220-age) during exercise. Going passed your maximum heart rate can put too much strain on your heart and lungs. Ultimately, it can do more damage than good.

Note #4-Be sure to check your heart rate often during exercise to determine if you should pick up the intensity, or even slow down a bit. Try to stay in your Target heart rate zone THE ENTIRE 30 MINUTES.

answer the questions Question 11 pts

Intensity means

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Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts

Intensity is important when exercising.

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When it comes to intensity, walking is more beneficial for your health than running.

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A way to determine if you are adding intensity into your workout is by

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Athletes or people who are active tend to have slower resting heart rates.

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Match the definitions of each heart rate.

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Though you should be trying to reach your target heart rate every time you exercise, what heart rate (at least) should you be trying to reach for your Activity Logs each week?

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For how long should you keep your heart rate in YOUR target heart rate zone?

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An exercise/work out/ sport/activity where someone can get in their target heart rate zone is:

(check all that apply)

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