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Part 1: Essay (100 points)

Use APA in-text citation and references.

ChatGPT: You can use Chat GPT to assist you in doing this assignment, but Don’t copy and paste from ChatGPT to avoid plagiarism. If two students use ChatGPT to complete and submit the same sentences/paragraphs (detected by Turnitin), both students will

Add references at the end of the report using APA style (with the link to the article if available) (Submission without references will get 0 points for all essay questions)

Part 1: All references should be from reliable sources. Accepted news, articles, and data should be, but not limited to, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters, Statista, education sites (.edu), government website (.gov), Census Bureau, Yahoo Finance, UNO databases, official company sites, etc. (Note: Wiki, blog, social media, etc. are not reliable sources)

Question 1. Discuss the impacts (pros and cons) of AI technology and Generative AI on logistics and supply chains (LSCM) around the world. What is AI technology and Generative AI? Show the impact on real companies and provide data/evidence to support your argument. (at least 700 words) (50 points)

Suggested articles:

linkedin.comfuture-now-how-generative-ai-transforming-trucking-industry… supplychain chain-and-procurement-roles/

Question 2. Discuss the impact of one among different issues on Supply Chain Management. (at least 700 words). Choose only one topic to discuss: (50 points)

1. The impact of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War on LSCM

  1. The impact of Drones on LSCM
  2. The impact of Autonomous Cars and Electric Vehicle on LSCM

(Bonus Question) Question 3. “Amazon is offering to cover the full cost of college degrees for more than 750,000 US hourly employees”. Why did Amazon do it for their employees? What are the costs and benefits? (20 extra points – 700 words)

Suggested Articles: 2021-9



Do not use direct quotation in this assignment. Use your


own words to paraphrase all the info from sources. (All direct quotations will be considered

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get 0 points for this

page1image49254256 page1image49255504

final project.

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1 associates-which-is-a-major-step-to-help-reduce-student-loans/?sh=7ecf96a4486d…

Part 2: Math (100 points)

1. A manufacturer in Nebraska ships finished products to the ocean port in San Diego, California. New loading facilities will be needed to accommodate the expected growth in sales for their new product. In 2023, the company shipped 5 million pounds of product through several areas in San Diego. The logistic Costs in 2023 are given in the table. Due to growth in emerging markets, the company expects a growth rate of 8% per year through this port for the next five years. (Show all steps, submission with results only will not gain any credit! If you don’t know how to type your answer, you can take a picture of your handwriting and paste it in the answer section.) (40 points)




Transportation Variable Cost

$ 250,000 $ 275,000

page2image49257792 page2image49258208 page2image49259040 page2image49260496 page2image49260704page2image49261120

Inventory Costs

page2image49261328 page2image49261952 page2image49262160 page2image49254464 page2image49262368page2image49262784 page2image49260912


45,000 27,000

page2image49211760 page2image49211552 page2image49215088 page2image49217168


35,000 page2image49216752 page2image4921612843,000

page2image49215920 page2image49215712 page2image49215504 page2image49215296


15,000 page2image49202816 page2image4921363217,000

page2image49212176 page2image49213424 page2image49210720 page2image49209264 page2image49208224page2image49211968

Fixed Cost

170,000 page2image49216544 page2image49213840140,000

page2image49210928 page2image49213008 page2image49212800 page2image49211344 page2image49213216 page2image49201568page2image49177744

Total Cost

$ 505,000 $ 492,000

  1. What is the total variable cost of the Rail shipping method? (5 points)
  2. What is the total variable cost per pound of the Rail shipping method? (Round the answer to 4 decimal places) (5 points)
  3. What is the total cost of shipping 6 million pounds of products via the Rail shipping method? (Note: Round the variable cost per pound to 4 decimal places) (5 points)
  4. At what level of demand per year would these two transportation methods be equal in terms of total costs? (Round the answer to 2 decimal places) (Note: Round the variable cost per pound to 4 decimal places) (5 points)(Question 2: Next page)


2. PPE Inc. produces toys for kids from 1 to 3 years old. The toy sales data is shown as follows: (Take a screenshot of your Excel spreadsheet and paste it to the answer section) (30 points)

page3image49174416 page3image49174208 page3image49175248


  1. 2017 September OctoberNovemberDecember
  2. 2018 JanuaryFebruary March April May June July August September October November December



page3image49174832 page3image49175664 page3image49178992 page3image49176704 page3image49176080 page3image49178368 page3image49178784 page3image49179200 page3image49179824 page3image49180032 page3image49180448 page3image49180656 page3image49181072page3image49181280 page3image49181488 page3image49181696 page3image49182112 page3image49182320 page3image49180240 page3image49182528 page3image49182736 page3image49183152 page3image49182944 page3image49021344 page3image49021968 page3image49022384page3image49022592 page3image49022800 page3image49023008 page3image49023216 page3image49023424 page3image49024048 page3image49024256 page3image49026960 page3image49028000 page3image49027792 page3image49028208 page3image49028416 page3image49028624page3image49028832 page3image49029040 page3image49029248 page3image49030080 page3image49030288 page3image49030496 page3image49030704 page3image49030912 page3image49031120 page3image49031744 page3image49032160 page3image49032576

  1. What is the forecasted demand of April 2018, using the four-period moving average technique? (10 points)
  2. What is the forecasted demand of April 2018, using the weighted four-period moving averagetechnique? Use weights of 0.5, 0.3, 0.1, and 0.1 for the most recent period, the second most recent period, the third most recent period, and the fourth most recent period, respectively. (10 points)
  3. What is the forecasted demand of April 2018, using the exponential smoothing method? Assume the forecast for period 1 (January 2018) is 9500 and alpha = 0.5. (10 points) (Note: the period 1 is Jan 2018, not Sep 2017)

(Question 3: Next Page)


3. Audi Ltd. has 8 general stores in different cities in the U.S. The company manager hires you to help her decide the location to build the distribution center. Using the data below and the grid technique to find the Grid Center Coordinates. (Take a screenshot of your Excel spreadsheet and paste it to the answer section) (30 points)

Note: Type your full name on the cell A1 (Deduct 5 points without name)

Sources/Markets Rate $/ ton-mile Tons (B) (A)

page4image49149552 page4image49151216 page4image49139568 page4image49138320







St. Louis















New York



(Administrative requirements: next Page)


Administrative requirements

  • Late assignments will not receive any credit for this assignment.
  • Please answer all questions in only one Microsoft Word file and submit it on Canvas. (There willbe a 10-point penalty for using different file format such as pdf)
  • The report should be developed in APA format. Guidelines by the American PsychologicalAssociation (APA) should be used for all written assignments in this class. The following link can be used to review APA guidelines: Each report should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins using a Times New Roman-12-point font. Use justified text to align your manuscript evenly between the marginsRubric for Essay Questions

page5image48919344 page5image48918096

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