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Describe how you approach your implementation and plan to “show” or “describe” it on your Capstone Website. Give as many details as possible.

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The Impact of Teachers Absence on Schools and Students

The education quality and the overall welfare of the students are heavily affected by critical issues like the absence of teachers in schools. This project aims to investigate the teachers ‘ absences and develop a solution to alleviate this harmful practice. My research’s objective will be to seek the answer to my questions, like how the absence of teachers affects the students and the schools and what should be the strategies to mitigate this issue. This is a significant research topic as this practice directly impacts the quality of education and the student’s future and threatens their social development. In this study, I will try to investigate and find out the reasons behind this absenteeism practice, its consequences on the student’s learning patterns, and probable solutions to increase the attendance rate of the teachers (Coman et al., 2020).

Examining the phenomenon of instructor absenteeism in institutions is critical to comprehending its effect on the scholarly setting. A primary point of convergence is finding out the major reasons for teacher nonattendance. Instructors may be away from the homeroom for assorted motives, including ailment, individual issues, or dissatisfaction with their work environment. It is pivotal to delve into these causes to address the root drivers adequately. Another essential part to mull over is the impact of the instructor’s sporadic presence on the understudy’s academic execution and prosperity. There is a chance that understudies’ capacity to learn and exceed scholastically could be hampered when their teacher is routinely missing. Furthermore, instructor irregular attendance could impact understudies’ general well-being, possibly influencing their contribution and interest in the class. By comprehending these components, scholarly establishments can apply procedures to diminish the negative results of instructor nonappearances and guarantee a supportive learning climate for understudies.

Finally, I’m looking for workable answers and industry best practices that lessen teacher absences without sacrificing their well-being and fulfillment in their jobs. Addressing teacher absenteeism necessitates embracing industry guidelines that capitalize on both attendance and educator health. Proposed solutions include professional growth possibilities, an encouraging workplace culture, and adaptable timetabling. It is beneficial to examine effective strategies employed by other facilities as potential standards. Given the teacher’s input, the attention should now transition to pilot table solutions. Their contribution to the decision-making procedure will be indispensable to the fruition of any introduced measures.

The Importance of the Research

For several relevant reasons, this research is essential. First, the teachers are the mainspring of the education system, and their in-person presence is a vital part of implementing effective learning. When the teachers are regularly absent, the learning process is hugely disrupted, which leads to a low quality of education as the students learn less due to a lack of regularity and discipline (Du Plessis & Mestry, 2019). Moreover, the absenteeism of the teacher can aggravate inequalities in education. The demands of students in terms of academic resources are not being met in the same way as in schools that have excellent retention rates and academic advancement with their teachers.. This disadvantage affects both the students and the schools systematically. We need to understand the origin, aftermath, and probable solutions to resolve this vital issue.


The preliminary goal of my project would be to conduct a comprehensive analysis of how the absenteeism practice of the teachers impacts the education quality, students, and schools and propose a possible solution. This research will be the starting point for developing practical strategies to reduce the teacher’s absence and minimize the impact of this practice. To find an effective solution to this problem, first, I have to identify the probable reason for the absenteeism of the teachers and the consequences it has on the school system and the students. After hunting through the issue, I will design a problem-solution pattern that will guide through the development strategies step by step and related policies to improve the attendance situation of the teachers (Winter et al., 2021)

To answer the questions mentioned above, we will follow the problem-solution pattern. In the initial stage, we will identify the significant reasons for teachers’ absenteeism, which will consider issues like physical and mental health, fatigue, lack of inspiration, and external factors like financial issues, salary expectations, and social recognition. We will identify these issues through interviews, surveys, and studies from the existing literature to provide an overview of these problems (Du Plessis & Mestry, 2019).

In the subsequent stage, we will aim to identify the impact of the teacher’s absenteeism on the students, including impacts on their academic outcomes, emotional situations, and other long-term prospects. The data collection and the analysis will be based on the comparison between the students from the schools with absentees of teacher (Winter et al., 2021).

Lastly, the research will now reach the solution stage, and the focal point will be inventing and implementing strategies and policies that have previously been successful in bringing down the rates of absenteeism of teachers. We will review the global best suitable practices regarding this, interviews with different policy-makers, and suitable case studies. The primary target would be to find out the most effective strategies and policies that have been proven effective in bringing down the absentee rates of teachers and enhancing their job satisfaction and sense of responsibility (Coman et al., 2020).

There are a few different potential first-step remedies that I’m considering putting into action. Implementing a comprehensive teacher support system that features mentorship programs, opportunities for professional growth, and resources for maintaining a healthy work-life balance is one of the potential solutions to this problem. We can reduce teachers’ absences and enhance their level of job satisfaction if we offer them the essential help and tools to succeed in their careers by providing them with the required assistance and resources. In addition, the establishment of distinct attendance policies and processes could help in addressing any ongoing problems associated with teacher absenteeism. This can include tracking and monitoring instructor attendance, offering incentives for excellent attendance, and implementing sanctions for excessive absences. Also included in this category is the provision of rewards for high attendance. Lastly, developing a constructive and encouraging atmosphere at school can be another critical factor in reducing absenteeism among teaching staff. Creating an atmosphere that encourages collaboration and a caring atmosphere may make teachers feel more motivated and invested in their work, resulting in fewer absences. These are only a few of the initial potential answers that I am thinking about, and additional research and analysis will be required to determine which strategy will be the most effective in addressing the problem of teacher absences and bringing it under control.


This research aims to provide insights into teacher absenteeism and accurate solutions to increase teacher attendance rates. By investigating the causes and consequences of teacher absenteeism and selecting successful strategies that have been applied worldwide, we want to benefit schools and students by enriching the overall quality of education. This research will contribute to a more excellent conversation on education system reformation and student success, which is a parameter for the future of our societies and individuals.

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