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Read this entire document carefully.

Remember the following about Discussion Assignments:

1. First compose this assignment using MS Word or a Google Document. Use spelling and grammar check to verify your writing does not contain typos, spelling errors, or obvious grammar errors. Then you can copy and paste your work into the Discussion.

2. Do not include direct quotes from another source in your post unless you properly use quotation marks and citations. If you plagiarize an assignment, you will receive a grade of 0 and possibly a failing grade for the course. All writing not in quotation marks and not cited must be your own.

3. Do not attach a file in your Discussion. Instead, copy and paste your work into the Discussion by clicking Reply.

4. When choosing films for your assignments, choose full-length feature films that were created for theatrical release. This means you should avoid children’s films, or propaganda films where the sole purpose was to advance a political or religious agenda. You can choose animated films or foreign films. All films nominated for an Academy Award are acceptable.

5. Finally, click here to see some of the most common errors on Writing Assignments. Such errors usually result in a reduction in the overall score


For this assignment, you will watch some films and then respond to some prompts.

Part 1

First, watch the following video:

How to Speak Movie Part 2: Mise en Scene

Next, look at the final section of Chapter 3 and find the section titled “Analyze Mise-En-Scene:”

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.30.50 PM.png

Choose to respond to a single image or a short scene (60 seconds or less) from a full-length feature film you have already seen, or watch a film of your choice. Then answer one of the questions in the “Analyze Mise-En-Scene” section of the text.

Your answer must contain two or three paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain between five and eight sentences.

Part 2

Watch the following two documentaries:

The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

Side by Side

NOTE: Side by Side will cost $2.99 to watch. Occasionally this film will be found online for free to watch but not always.

1. Analyze the main ideas in The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing. Consider answering one or more of the following questions: How did the film change your perspective of editing? What one detail, quote, or scene from the film stood out to you? How do you understand the importance of the role of editing in films after viewing the film? Use a specific quote from the film to illustrate your point(s).

Answer in 6-8 sentences.

2. Consider what you learned by watching Side by Side. Describe in your own words the debate between digital and film. Use a specific scene and a specific quote to illustrate your point(s).

Answer in 6-8 sentences.

Your grade for this assignment will depend on how well you respond to the prompts using details from the film.

Inlcude the prompt numbers and name of the films in your submission. Here is an example of how you should format your submission:

Discussion 2

Part 1

Film: Get Out

Question: Does the character change over the course of the film, and what role does costume, makeup, and hair play in commenting on this transformation?

Your paragraphs here…

Part 2

Prompt 1:

Your paragraphs here…

Prompt 2:

Your paragraphs here…

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