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Discussion 4: Was New France Mugged By An English Suspect 1750-1763?

I wrote this ‘off the cuff’ on how I feel about students writing as much as they can. It was not organized — just me free writing in trying to convey a message to you. Do the same with these Discussion Postings. Just write whatever comes to your mind about the topic or what a classmate said about the topic. You will be graded on 6+ sentences — not what sentences contain. You can do like your professor and even include photos and illustrations, if they will help get your point across. Thus, you can get as creative as you like. <— Again, have you noticed that these are also 6 sentences? It is as easy as falling off a log to write 6 sentences, even easier to get carried away in what you write and do 10+ sentences per paragraph.

Young George Washington | Town of ClayYes, I am a 21 year old George Washington. At one (the 1750s) time I was young, strong, and a killing machine just you all (as young 20 somethings are today). I was eager to impress my superiors. I was an absolute killer with the firearm you see in my hands now and the deadly 18th century sword below.

Bowie Knife Fights, Fighters & Fighting Techniques ...

I will leave it up to you and your team to decide whether I was used for the wrong purposes in 1754-1756 by Lt. Gov. Robert Dinwiddie, an old man of course. (below)

History of French Creek - French Creek Watershed Research ...Yes, I am the white, haired old toad that sent that boy out there for good of me and my rich old friends uh… uh… uh.. I meant for the good of the British Empire. You are your team will decide whether I am guilty for sending that boy out to the Ohio Valley to have a shooting incident with the French there. Of course, post your conclusion about it in the Team Discussion board.

Well, here I am looking out the window. I am 21 years old and have been promoted to Major Washington here in 1754. I have to move up in career and money. Doing this for Gov. Dinwiddie will ‘put me on the map.’ Yes, there are rattlesnakes, black bears, malaria carrying mosquitos, and wild rabies infested bats; on top of eventually the reality getting into a shoot out with French soldiers and their Native American allies. But again, this is ‘my time to shine’ in front of Dinwiddie, the Culpeppers, and all of the others Virginia’s wealthy elite. I will get this done. You and your group enjoy both articles. I personally hope you choose the one that concludes that my boss Lt. Gov Robert Dinwiddie is not guilty. But then again, a 21 year old is talking to you right now. .. Old men tell us what to do and we just do it.

/content/enforced/623688-018502-61-1181-1-6201/Dinwiddie not Guilty.docx

/content/enforced/623688-018502-61-1181-1-6201/Dinwiddie Did It On His Own.docx

Discussion 5: Those Evil Russian Enemies? Catherine I (Romanov) and George Washington 1776.

EditWorld News: Delivered.: TV - The Perfect Mind-control ...

Atlas of the New Soviet Socialist Republics by RedRich1917 ...

Haay!! How are ya? I hope you is a lot betta than me. I have been havin my own useless brain washed and scrubbed with endless propaganda about how evil Russia is. I know you have been ‘hammered’ with it from childhood. But was Russia a natural enemy of the US? You and your team will find out. Please exuse my bad words and mispronouncskiations. After yo brain has been scrubbed, you to will talk like dis too!

Empress Catherine 1

World News: Delivered.: TV - The Perfect Mind-control ...

Who is dat above me? Shee looks like a queen. Can dat smart looking Russian American college student tell me, because American TV news never did.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women Traditional and Crazy ...

I sure can. That is Catherine Romanov when she was just a bit little older me. She is one of the main characters of this Team activity. You and your partners will for, probably the first time, break free of the TV brainwashing that Russia is bad. The questions to the brain washed soul above, ‘Have you ever been to Russia? and have you ever met Russian people? Then how do you know Russia is bad? Oh that’s right American TV news told you.

Well I hope your Team enjoys the story of the real Russia-US relations, starting with the beginning of your nation and George Washington’s not having to worry about Russia helping the Redcoats. It’s all in the article.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women Traditional and Crazy ...

Keep in mind that this article is only the first of many instances you are going to read about, showing you the relationship between two natural allies America and Russia.

They should have never been enemies.

Well the Russians refusing to get involved in the fighting on the British side in the American Revolution also assured the American nation’s existence. Read the article below and give us your Team’s conclusion about the issues raised.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women Traditional and Crazy ...

After reading this new information about the relation between the 1776 American Revolutionaries and Russia, ask yourself ‘Why is Russia being portrayed as my enemy.

Also attached is what other young students like myself said to each other about Russia’s involvement with the American Revolution and the ‘beef’ Russia had with England and Spain. It is in a WORD.

The first young man started the posts and many of his classmates just jumped in. A few are listed.

/content/enforced/623688-018502-61-1181-1-6201/sample discussion over this topic from a previous class.docx

This Team Discussion Posting is also related to your Chapter 14 Discussion. You will find out how when you get there.

And, as you will see later, when Lincoln was trying fight a war to get the nation from breaking up, Russia made England back off by threatening to send the Russian Navy and Army units, when England was about to use it’s Navy against Union battleships. Lincoln and the Union won the war without England’s interference and nation was not broken up in two.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women Traditional and Crazy ...

DeesMatrizArte: Falsimedia

A personal comment from me, as a American college girl. I am am an American but I am also Russian. Between these two large nations that as far as I can tell never had a reason to be enemies, was a small island nation (England), which was and is home to the Rothschild owned Bank of England based in London. Enjoy Chapter 5 Team Discussion.

And no, I am not going attack my fellow Americans you see in the illustration. That could have been me, sitting in front of the TV for the first 10 years of my life, watching tell me what is going on my world and how it is supposed to be. Even though I am Russian American, if I spent that many years being messed in the mind by American corporate media, I myself would come out thinking the Russians are evil and always have been.

10 Interesting George Washington Facts - My Interesting FactsMartha and agree with her, if it was not for the Russians deciding not to King George III, I would have been facing 20k Russian Kossacks in addition 20k British Redcoats. I thank Catherine I, for this. Anyway you and your team enjoy the article.

By the way, this is what an 18th Russian Kossack soldier looks like. Now can you image my Revolutionary Army facing 20K of them in addition to 20K Redcoats? =

Cossacks, 17th Century | History, Historical warriors ...RUSSIAN COSSACKS AND KALMUCKS BURN ZORNDORF | War art ...ArtStation - Cossack Warrior render, Georgi Georgiev17th century - Can anyone identify this painting of a ...

They were ‘savages’ and would have burned down every town they came in contact with in 1776 from Lexington to Charleston.

Another choice in approaching this topic is to Reply to a classmate’s response to the topic in at least 3 sentences and of course ‘I agree with you Robert.’ does not cut it.

Discussion 6: Should The States Be Under A Loose Confederation Or Should The Constitution Remain?

What are the differences between the Article of Confederation Government and the U.S. Constitution?

Well, let’s ask this question. ‘What is the difference between an out of control, no accountability federal government and a state government, trying to protect you from it?

Well that is one difference between a strong central government and states trying to project you from it. Now on to your Team Discussion. I am betting that once you hear about the Articles of Confederation (1783-1786), you will like it better than the U.S. Constitution (1787-present???) <– Well in theory you still have a U.S. Constitution.


You may find DuckDuckgo a better search engine after this Discussion.

What if We Kept the Articles of Confederation?

What Were the Articles of Confederation? | History

What Were the Articles of Confederation? | America: Facts vs. Fiction

You and your team will create a conclusion, telling us the reasons you support or do not support the return of the Articles of Confederation. But as you do, understand that states have done things to protect you from a tyrannical central government in both 20th and the 21st Century.

Let’s jump to the 21st Century (the one you are living in now) and take small peak at what it looks like to not have even the remotest of ideas of a Loose Confederation of States that are more powerful than a central government can not bypass to ‘push up on’ the citizens. Ironically, we will do this with the very nation your Founding Fathers were trying their best not to emulate.

As you watch it, keep in mind that this citizen is being visited by this government’s forces and cited for illegally gathering with more than 2 people to protest. Wait a minute!! Wasn’t that what your fellow Americans of the early 1770s were being arrested by Redcoat forces for?


Another choice in approaching this topic is to Reply to a classmate’s response to the topic in at least 3 sentences and of course ‘I agree with you Robert.’ does not cut it.

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