Week 10 MHB


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Select 5 questions from each chapter to respond to by 11:59 pm Friday. Respond to at least 2 other classmates’ posts on at least 2 different days.

Chapter 32

  1. Why should there be a separate recorder appointed for a meeting? Why not have the chairperson fulfill this function and thus keep down the number of essential attendees?
  2. Why should we not seat antagonists facing each other across a conference table?
  3. Why and how can the active presence of a devil’s advocate help avoid falling prey to the “Abilene Paradox?”
  4. What is one form of meeting for which it’s appropriate to expect everyone present to actively participate? And one form of meeting where little or no attendee participation is expected?
  5. If five to eight people is the ideal range of membership for a group considering various actions, how can a board of, for example, 30 persons effectively do business?
  6. When you are convening a meeting, why not make your position, opinion, or recommendation clear at the outset to let attendees know where you stand?
  7. Why are so many regularly scheduled meetings wasteful and inefficient?
  8. What is the purpose of the practice of setting meeting times at odd hours, for example 9:06 AM?
  9. How would you handle a meeting participant who behaves as though knowing considerably more about the subject of the meeting than you, the chairperson?
  10. Do you believe that meetings in general have a “tainted reputation” as claimed in the chapter? Why, or why not?

Chapter 34

  1. Why is delegation clearly identified as the greatest supervisory time saver?
  2. What is the strongest force acting to prevent us from improving our use of time? Why is this and what can be done about it?
  3. Why do some individuals spend time focusing on low-priority tasks even when they know there are more important tasks waiting?
  4. How might some supervisors feel trapped into over-committing their time?
  5. Why is it often suggested to begin the workday by first tackling the unpleasant tasks?
  6. What is the usual fate of material that’s set aside to read “when the time is available?” Why does this occur?
  7. What particular characteristics might be exhibited by a supervisor who continually seems to become caught up in people problems that should actually be addressed by others?
  8. What is wrong with the process of gathering more data and opinions than may be needed? Is this not a sound means of ensuring accuracy?
  9. How can you “learn to say no” when the overload comes via demands of your immediate superior?
  10. What is fundamentally wrong with reactive management? Doesn’t it ensure that you are working on the most urgent matter of the moment?
  1. Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor 7th edition – Reading
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