Virtual Art Museum Visit B San Diego Museum of Art Selections from the Museum’s Permanent Collection and various Media


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This virtual art museum visit provides students with a visual experience of art. Students completing this virtual journey will explore

San Diego Museum of Art online website and demonstrate the ability to express a critical analysis by ad dressing the following
specific questions and taking personal notes on the exhibition.
Assignment (written paper format in paragraphs) Complete BOTH parts.
Part 1 – Selections from the Museum’s Permanent Collection (scroll down page)

Africa & Oceania American Art East Asia Europe before 1900 Middle East
South & Southeast Asia
Modern and Contemporary Art
View several or all of the areas of art listed above.
1. From the museum’s permanent collections listed above, select ONE works of art from THREE different areas. (1.5pts)
2. State the artist’s name,
title of work, medium used, date, credit line (look under other information), and in what area was each
work of art selected. (1.5pts)
3. What was engaging and informative about each selected work of art, such as subject matter, style and/or media used? (3pts)
4. How might each selected work of art be relevant for understanding history or possibly our society today? (3pts)
5. Did any of the selected works of art have any personal connection and if so, how? (3pts)
6. Do you feel these selected works of art are important contributions to our city for knowledge, information and aesthetics?
Does our fine art museum have a wide range of works of art historically and culturally? Area(s) for improvement? (3pts)
Part 2 –
Media (scroll down page)
From the Museum’s Permanent Collection seen through various Media:
Decorative Painting Photography Prints & Drawings Sculpture
1. Select ONE work of art from THREE different Media OR THREE works of art from ONE Media. (1.5pts)
2. State the artist’s name,
title of work, medium used, date, credit line (look under other information), and in what area was each
work of art selected. (1.5pts)
3. Why did you each choose each work of art, such as media, style and/or subject matter? (1.5pts)
4. What artistic appearance was each selected work realistic, stylized, abstract or nonrepresentational? (1.5pts)
5. Describe each selected work by using the most effective Visual Elements, such as line, color, texture, implied space, time & motion
and Principles of Design, such as emphasis, unity & variety, rhythm, bala nce, scale & proportion. (3pts)
6. In regards to subject matter, what do you feel was its purpose or meaning; can you relate to your selected works of art and/or
did any have any personal meaning or reflection to you? (3pts)
– continue

Provide a short introduction / thesis statement to your paper. (1pt)
In your conclusion, discuss your overall virtual visit to this museum’s website. Think about your reaction to seeing works digitally
rather than in person. Would you recommend these exhibits or this museum to others? Would you utilize or incorporate art museum
websites for research and sources for future papers? Why or why not? (1pt)
Titles for works of art should be
italicized, bold, underlined or in “quotations”. (1pt)
The written portion of the paper should be a minimum of 750 words and a maximum of 1250 words. Typed, 2.0 or 1.5 line
spacing; with complete sentences in paragraphs. Font size should not be larger than Times New Roman 12, if you are using a
different font style. Standard margins – 1” top, bottom & sides. Don’t aim to make larger margins and less text. Better to
have smaller margins and more text. Late papers receive a 2pt deduction and 1pt per day late. Late papers can be uploaded
into the late work container in Modules in Canvas.
This paper is an analysis in your own words from your experience and should not have any supportive references from outside s ources,
(museums placards, flyers, books, Internet, etc.).

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