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This is your opportunity to look deeper into interventions that may be of interest to you and search the literature base regarding these interventions. You are to choose two specific interventions and create a treatment brochure for each one. Each treatment brochure should cover one intervention and be two pages of single-spaced information. They can be in any format you choose as long as you keep at least a consistent 12-point font (you can go smaller but not larger). Your references should be on a separate page and not included within the two-page requirement. When creating your brochure, keep in mind that its purpose is for a parent or individual with autism to easily reference and learn about the strengths and limitations of two interventions that they are considering pursuing. Your brochures can also be intended for professionals to have easy access to information when deciding between treatments. Each treatment brochure should contain the following information or address the following questions:

1 An overview of each intervention.

2 Who do we know the intervention works well with (i.e., what populations)?

3 Address whether there is literature to support its use with the ASD population (i.e., is there research efficacy?)

4 Treatment feasibility, as discussed in previous modules of this course, should be addressed for both interventions. Indicators of treatment feasibility include treatment acceptability, demand for the services, treatment fidelity, practicality, adaptability, and integration

5 Generalizability of the intervention

6 What don’t we know yet about the intervention? What potential weaknesses do you see in the intervention?

Additional requirements:

Each intervention needs at least 3 data-based articles from peer reviewed journals referenced. The intent is not to compare and contrast the interventions but provide a detailed description of the pros and cons so a family or treatment provider can make an informed decision. This assignment does not necessarily need to focus only on strategies that have a lot of research support, but you do need to relate the information in your brochure to the literature through citations to your research articles. This assignment is worth 100 points and a rubric is provided below to let know how you will be graded. In determining the depth of information to include in your brochure, remember that it is worth 100 points. Do not get too caught up on format that it overshadows the information you are presenting. Limit use of graphics and be sure to cite where you found it. Do not directly quote the literature in your assignment. Summarize and cite rather than use direct quotes. Use APA style for the title page, references, and in-text citations, but the bulk of the information might look different than an APA style research paper.

Samples have been provided to give you an idea about assignment expectations; however, you are not to copy the samples. Your assignment will be judged on creativity and copying the samples will be considered plagiarism. You must focus on narrow interventions rather than broad interventions. For example, do not attempt to create a brochure on ABA. This is too broad of a topic that includes so many strategies. You will not be able to meet the requirements of the rubric if you choose a broad topic. Rather, you should choose two specific intervention strategies within the broad topic. For instance, you might choose two different strategies that fall under the umbrella of ABA, or two specific early intervention strategies, or two specific strategies that improve social skills. The point is to be specific, not broad. Please reach out to your instructor if you have questions about your choice of interventions

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