Toni Morrison “Sweetness” Short Story


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  • Please address ALL 5 of the parts below in your response. You can number your responses if you’d like to, and you can address them in any order you’d like.
    1. Introduction: State the text that you chose to write about and include the title of the text, the author’s name, and a brief description of why you chose this text. [For written responses, this will be approximately 1 paragraph]
    2. Close Reading: This part of the assignment will assess your close-reading skills [for written responses, this will be 1-2 paragraphs]:
      • Choose one short passage or set of lines (up to 4) which you find particularly meaningful, interesting, or challenging and copy and paste those lines into your project.
        • Properly cite the passage in MLA format.
          • For short stories, plays, or essays: “quote” (author’s last name page number), i.e., “quote” (Washington 345).
          • For poetry: “quote” (author’s last name lines from poem), i.e., (Wheatley lns. 5-8).
      • Choose 3-5 words in your chosen passage and define them, using both definitions (from the dictionary) and connotations (alternate meanings). Be sure to cite any definitions that you pull from sources.
      • After defining your chosen words, explain how the words you chose help you to understand the passage AND the text overall. Remember to put quotation marks around individual words that you refer to from your passage (e.g. “buckets” in Washington’s essay refers to…)
    3. Critical Race Theory: How can we use Critical Race theory (CRT) as a lens through which to view your chosen text? [For written responses, this will be approximately 1 paragraph]. Include the following:
      • Please define the element of CRT that you chose. You may choose to discuss any element of CRT that you’d like here–racism as normal, intersectionality, interest convergence, or centering people of color voices.
      • Offer at least one quote from your chosen text
      • Explain how the quote aligns with your chosen element of CRT
      • Explain how reading the text through CRT offers a new perspective on the text.
    4. Literary Theory: How can we use a literary theory as a lens through which to view your chosen text? [For written responses, this will be approximately 1 paragraph]. Include the following:
    5. Argument/Takeaway: After doing the close reading and applying CRT and a literary theory to your chosen text, discuss your overall interpretation (thesis/argument) about your text. What is your main takeaway from the text? [For written responses, this will be 1 paragraph]
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