TFTV Research Project


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TFTV Research Project

The study of performance enables a deeper understanding of the past and present, of ourselves and others.

Over six weeks, you will learn about historical forms of popular entertainment in the U.S. from Don Wilmeth’s book Variety Entertainment and Outdoor Amusements: A Reference Guide and make connections to contemporary forms.

Your assignment:

For each of the following chapters

1) Outdoor Amusements (week 7)

2) Wild West Shows (week 9)

3) Variety/Vaudeville (week 10)

4) Musical Theatre (week 11)

Please do the following:

>Cite one fact or idea from the reading that surprised you and explain WHY it surprised you; you must include the page number of Wilmeth’s book with your citation (1 point).

>Make one connection to a 21st century form of popular entertainment (ie. theme parks today, cultural events, plays, films, tv, video games) OR a form of performance that you think speaks to this historical form (something more specific that involves people performing “a role” – like actors at Disney, or even tourists at Disney). 1 point.

>Suggest one idea for a research project that is inspired by what you have learned in the chapter and your own connections (so your work from the above two prompts). 1 point

>Provide one secondary source that would be on your bibliography for your research project, the source has to be published after 1982 (the year Wilmeth’s book was published. 1 point

>Spell check and proofread. 1 point

It is understood that you are quoting from Wilmeth’s book, you do not need a Works Cited page.

Please note, Wilmeth’s chapter on Minstrel Shows will be covered in Pop Up#3, Week 8



Here’s an example of a nice format for the Research Project, c/o Kennedy Gezella — she used cooler arrows, but you get the idea! You can also combine 1 & 2 .

I have added notes in RED!

Outdoor Amusements

1. Fact/idea and citation (include page # in Wilmeth’s book) ->


2. Why interesting->


3. Connection to current entertainment (this connection should come out of the work you did in #1 & #2)->


4. Research Project Idea (your research idea should come out of your thinking from 1, 2, & 3!)->


5. Secondary source for your research idea (provide live link &/or citation) ->

RUBRIC – it’s the same for every chapter you write about; as long as you hit this CONTENT you will be fine.

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