SWK-3390 Social Work Working with Individuals


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HOW DO I COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT: Phase 1 Preparing, Phase 2 Beginning, Phase 3 Exploring, Phase 4 Assessing

Download Phase Focused Social Work Skills.pdf

You should think of a client role: Think about a problem that involves some reasonably strong feelings that you feel comfortable talking about for a few minutes. (See below for an example of case situation -You may use the example case situations if it helps you develop your own)

  • Case situation: The divorcing parents of a 9-year-old boy are involved in a child custody proceeding. The juvenile court hires a social worker to make recommendations to the judge about the placement of the child. At an initial meeting with the boy’s father, the worker exchanges introductions and describes a purpose and a role.
  • Case situation: You are a social worker at the Department of Human Resources. You arrive at the home of Mrs. Smith (Mother) who has a history of mental illness, disheveled appearance, and tearful. She has one child age 9 and is in the middle of child custody proceedings, recently lost her job, and hopeless. At the initial meeting with the boy’s father Mr. Smith, the worker exchanges introductions and describes a purpose and a role. Mr. Smith discloses he is fearful his wife may hurt herself or her son. (From this point on you can make any information you desire for this family)

Make sure you provide either a brief written case situation or as part of your video before you begin to roleplay.

You may use anyone you choose as the role of client for your video.

This lab will help you navigate the beginning phase of social work practice. This phase formally begins when you, in your role as a social work and client-first encounter each other. First impressions are so important therefore it ensures that your meeting is purposeful and productive. An effective beginning results when you and a client accomplish the first purpose for which you first meet.

The skills you should be demonstrating in your video include the below items. (YOUR VIDEO SHOULD BE 10-15MIN)

Beginning Skills Include the following:

  • Introducing yourself/Greet the client
  • Seeking Introduction/Make sure you pronounce their name correctly
  • Describe the Initial Purpose of the meeting
    • For Example, Worker: Judge Bloom asked me to meet you, your spouse, and your son Kevin about the issues of custody arrangements. My job will be to gather information from all parties and make recommendations to the judge about the best possible arrangements for Kevin. I will be meeting with Mrs. Brown [spouse] this afternoon and with Kevin [son] tomorrow morning. After these three meetings, I should have a basic understanding of the situation. At that time, I will let you know if any additional meetings will be needed. I certainly recognize that this is a difficult time for everybody involved. You may feel a bit like you’re on trial here. It may seem that way. I will try my best to make it as reasonable a process as possible. You should know, however, that your son Kevin will be full considered in these processes. His well-being is our primary focus. I will gear my efforts toward determining what is best for him and his development. I’m sure that you also concerned about the consequences of the divorce and the upcoming court proceedings for Kevin too. I’d like to approach this interview with Kevin in mind as we try to determine the best custody arrangements.
  • Discuss confidentiality
  • Demonstrate Rapport building
  • Ask questions, Open-ended, Closed-ended
  • Assess for suicidal thoughts or ideations
  • Assess threat to the child or the individual you choose as a client
  • Seek Clarification
  • Reflect/Identify Issues
  • Organize descriptive information: For example, Mrs. Smith, is a 42-year-old, going through a divorce with one son (child Ted Smith)
  • Prepare a tentative assessment and case formulation

From watching your video, I should be able to identify you building a relationship with the client and see all the following: Phase Focused Social Work Skills, Preparing, Beginning, Exploring, Assessing, Attending behaviors, observing, active listening, and nonverbally expressing warmth, exploration, assessing etc.

You can not wait until the last minute to upload your videos it usually takes a minute depending on your internet speed. If you need help with the technical part of this assignment you can submit a help desk ticket for further assistance. I should be able to see you in the video as well as your client’s side profile is acceptable. It is important to be able to see facial expressions.

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