Summarize Latinx Communities.


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  1. The presentation provided three objectives and information within the chapter of the textbook that was written in the student’s own words or was appropriately cited. A chapter should be selected for which the student does not have prior experience or affiliation.

For the objectives, see the chapter objectives at the beginning of each chapter in the textbook. CACREP 2.f (3 points)

  1. Presentation addressed the AMCD Multicultural and Social Justice Competencies in terms of Counselor’s Awareness of Counselor’s Biases, Knowledge of the Client’s worldview and Skills.

Presentation addressed the concepts of the privileged counselor/privileged client, privileged counselor/marginalized client, marginalized counselor/privileged client, marginalized counselor/marginalized client in relation to the chapter presented. Be sure to use this format with examples from the chapter that you are presenting. CACREP 2.c (3 points)

Links to an external site.

  1. Presentation contained at least 20 slides from the chapter selected for master’s level students, 25 slides for specialist level students and 30 slides for doctoral level students. For all students, the presentation should contain at least 10 slides with graphics that are related to the chapter. Graphics include pictures, clipart, graphs, charts and any visual display.

CACREP 1.j (3 points)

  1. Presentation addressed an ethical standard related to the student’s major such as the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) for clinical mental health majors. The presentation should provide the

a. title of the ethical code (example: ACA Code of Ethics, 2014);

b. the year of publication of the ethical code;

c. provide the title of the standard and a summary of the standard such as A.2.c. Developmental and Cultural Sensitivity or a standard that addresses multiculturalism or diversity and

d. an explanation of how the ethical code is related to the chapter being presented.

CACREP 1.i (Posted in Canvas). (3 points) to an external site.

ASCA Standards for school Counseling (2016) for school counseling majors…

CRCC Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors (2017) for rehabilitation counseling students…

Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Psychometry majors and other education-related majors, to an external site.

the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment (2011) for elementary education students to an external site.

the NAADAC Ethical Standards of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counseling for sociology-alcohol and drug majors http:/// to an external site.

The standard with its identifying number, title and statements must be provided and explained how it is similar to the chapter being presented. CACREP 1.j; CMH A.2, B.1 SC B.1

  1. Presentation addressed a theory of identity development or the Tripartite Theory of Personal Identity, Intersectionality theory or other theory in three sentences. See page 42 of textbook. CACREP 2.b

(3 points)

  1. Presenter addressed the Advocacy Competencies (2003). CACREP 1.e to an external site. (Posted in Canvas.) (3 points) For this item, the six components of advocacy must be addressed such as client/student empowerment, client/student advocacy, community collaboration, systems advocacy, public information and social/political advocacy with examples from the chapter that was selected. (3 points)

  1. The presentation was verbally presented in class with the PowerPoint slides and refrained from the use of personal information. (3 points)
  1. Presentation followed the conventions of grammar, punctuation and spelling. (3 points)
  1. Presentation followed the conventions of APA Style (6th edition) and the assignment was written in complete sentences. ( 3 points)
  1. Presentation was presented on the scheduled date and an electronic was provided for the professor before the oral presentation. A copy of the PowerPoint Presentation must be posted on the Assignments Tab of Canvas before midnight on the date of the presentation. Presentations that are late will be subject to a 2 point penalty for each day that the presentation is late. File was saved as 631 Student’s Last Name First Name Ch#.ppt

Please answer the following question in discussion format. Use Microsoft word to complete this assignment.

Discuss 2-3 vertical and horizontal stressors you and your family have experienced and healthy ways you cope with the stressors.

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