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As we explore the sport tourism industry through our textbook, readings and videos, it is also
important to study in the field via experiential learning.
1. Please be sure you read this document in its entirety so you understand the
2. Research potential sporting events that will be happening during the course dates. This
seems like a short window of time, but remember from Chapter 1, there are countless
types of sports so it is up to you to find one that you are interested in and find out how
to attend. **This is not a volunteer experience; you are simply attending a sports
tourism event as a spectator.
3. So how would you find out about these sporting events? Contact your local Convention
and Visitors Bureau (many have calendars of events on their websites), Sports Council or
Commissions, contact local sports leagues, high schools, ice rinks, equestrian
associations, running/Spartan races, venues that host tournaments, etc.
4. The expectation is not to spend a lot of money to attend an event. This does not have to
be a professional event that requires highticket prices, parking fees, etc. There are
plenty of free sporting events out there especially at the youth and recreational level.
5. If you are struggling to find a sports tourism event, please contact me right away as time
is an important element of this assignment.
For the sport tourism event that you choose, you are to focus your attention on the following
The header of paper should include:
o Your name
o Submission date
o Name of the event and link to the website (if the specific event does not have a website,
use the league’s website)
o Date and time of the event
o Amount of time that you spent at the event
Type of Sports Tourism Event
o A bit of background on the nature of the sport.
o A bit of background on the nature of the event (frequency, how do participants qualify,
what are they competing for)?
o Describe the active or participatory sports tourists and the eventbased.
o Who else did you observe at the event. Be very specific as you list all types of people
were at the event and relate attendees to one of the models offered in Chapter 1.
o Poll 10 adults at the event and report on the commonalities including the type of visitor
that they appear to be (Chapter 1 Resident, visitor, tourist, sameday visitor), the
distance traveled to attend/participate in the event and the amount of time they plan

on staying. (Be sure to tell your interviewees that this is for a class assignment and will
not be shared externally). It is not even necessary to capture their name.
Economic Impacts
o How was this event marketed and by whom? Did they use an intermediary to attract
people and if so, who served in this role?
o What type of spending did you observe at the event?
o What did you learn from this event? Please be sure to relate this to the key elements
listed above.
o What recommendations for improvement do you have based on your observations at
this event?
Instructor’s Suggestions:
§ DO NOT write the paper as Question/Answer
o Write the paper as an integrated reflection with your notes to guide you
o Thought into your observations should guide you as to understanding why
certain things are done/take place as part of sports tourism.
§ QUANTITY is no substitution for QUALITY
Grading for this assignment of 50 points is based on:
§ Header information (2 points)
§ How well you answered the questions (15 pts)
§ Accuracy of your interpretations (10 pts)
§ Completeness of your answers (15 pts)
§ Selfie of you on at the event posted to @ASUSpecialEventManagementProgram (with
these included: #ASUiseventful #ASUSpecialEvent #Bethesolution) Facebook and
Instagram pages with a positive marketing message about the event. (5 pts) three points
awarded for the photo and message and two points for tagging the event or
organization in your caption. Message should briefly promote the event with a positive
tone. (Ie. I never knew how many youth hockey players learn to play in the Valley of the
Sun!@icedenaz, great tournament! #ASUiseventful #ASUSpecialEvent #Bethesolution).
Please include a screen shot of your posts at the bottom of your assignment. If you are
not on social media or prefer not to use it, include your photo within your reflection.
§ Grammar and Spelling (2 pts)
§ 1000 words minimum (1 pts)
Reflections should be double spaced, 12point Calibri (or similar) and should not exceed 3 pages
in length.
§ Attend a sorority or fraternity event.
§ Accept compensation or work this event as a part of your actual job.


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