Space Vehicle Control homework with matlab


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please solve the homework using MATLAB only. All the files needed along with the homework file are in one ZIP file attached below.


Here is some of the homework just to give you an idea Discussion:

SV has 3 reaction wheels (RWs) where each RW is mounted such that its spin axis is
aligned with the principal directions of the body – RW1 rotates about 1, RW2 spins
about 2, and RW3 about 3 – same as what we derived in class
= 0.015277 kg m2 (reaction wheel MOI about its spin axis)
| 449 0 0 |
SV_MOI_b [kg-m^2] = | 0 516 0 |
| 0 0 156 |
Step 1) Add the reaction wheel EOM and control law to the code described by a
screenshot from the slide below
Other Information:
RWmax torque max = ± 0.25 Nm (constraint not currently enforced)
RWmax speed =± 5,000 RPM (constraint is not currently enforced)
Quaternion @ = 0, unless directed otherwise, (0) = [0 0 0 1]
Body-mount radiator normal – 2 (point away from sun and Earth for max efficiency)
Solar panel normal 3 (point towards sun whenever possible)

Payload boresight 3 (point this axis towards targets)
Direction of the sun in the inertial frame 2
SV angular velocity at t=0, unless directed otherwise, (0) = [0 0 0]
RW initial spin rate at t=0, (0) = 2
60[1,000 1,000 1,000] [rad
s ] Control Law
= (1:3) + [rad
2 ] = 50 = 500
CASE 1 – Detumble to Sun Safe Mode
Goal: Detumble SV and get solar panel to point at sun while meeting constraints
(0) = [ 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5]
(0) =
180[2 2 2] rad/s initial tumble rate
3 axis pointed as best you can towards sun
RW spin rate at t=0 (0) = 2
60[0 0 0] [rad
s ]
a. Provide a graphical screenshot (main screen)
showing the initial and final SV orientation
b. Plot angle between 3 axis and sun vs. time for 1,000 s
c. Write 1-2 sentences for each plot explaining why the plot data proves
you detumbled the SV and the SV achieved the desired attitude
d. Did any reaction violate a torque or angular velocity constraint?
CASE 2 Deliverables – Inertial Hold on Target
Goal: Slew from ICs to attitude listed in the requirements
3 axis pointed directly opposite the sun and 2
axis pointed towards 1 axis
Initial and Final =
180[0 0 0] rad/s
RW spin rate at t=0 (0) = 2
60[0 0 0] [rad
s ]
a. Provide graphical screenshots (main screen with values) showing starting
and final SV orientations and values
Figure 1 Example Solution

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