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DoMore Software Corp. would like to contract the INF43 Software Engineering group to build a new productivity suite of software called Dolendar. Dolendar integrates a relatively typical calendar software app with a to-do list manager. Tasks in the to-do outline all flow into and around the calendar events. This solution is envisioned by the president and founder of DoMore Software, Dom Dones, to help users manage their time better and see the effects of procrastination.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to write a fairly complete and precise requirements specification, which is a critical step in developing a large software system. Completing this assignment will give you experience in one of the most interesting and difficult software engineering tasks.

This assignment is to write a software requirements document for the Dolendar system. The details of the requirements should be elicited by client interviews with Dom Dones who is the customer. Your document should be based solely on the information discussed in these interviews. Do not add any requirements other than what was discussed in these interviews.

Complete all sections except for the Functional Requirements. Please include that section header, but simply put “To be completed.” as the body text for that section (for now). You are free to include some of your text and notes in that section that you submit, but this section will necessary right now.

The deliverable is an electronic PDF copy due via Gradescope by the due date. The following late policy applies: Assignments turned in within 24 hours after the deadline will receive a 50% penalty. No assignments will be accepted after that.In the template, you can see a brief description of each section (that you will replace with your text).

I have attached a chat transcript of Dom Dones client interviews along with the template.

The scoring criteria are outlined in the rubric below. Throughout the document we will be looking for:

  • Adherence to the stated structure. Carefully follow the structure defined above.
  • Clarity of writing. You should write your document in clear, precise, business-like English prose, avoiding jargon, humor, and wordiness. Correct spelling and correct grammar are essential. Avoid acronyms; common ones should be defined when first used. Bulleted and numbered lists can be used, with restraint, and not as a substitute for complete sentences and readable prose.
  • Fidelity to customer’s desires. It is important that your document be true to the requirements stated by the customer. Don’t add or remove requirements without approval. When in doubt, ask the professor or TA — but only for clarification purposes (no new requirements).
  • Your document should address all aspect of system functionality and constraints that are important to the user.
  • Your document will contain many detailed requirements. Careful thought is necessary to ensure that no subtle contradictions are introduced.
  • State detailed requirements in a manner that facilitates determining whether they are met in the final implementation.
  • Avoiding implementation bias. Focus on “what” not “how”.
  • Modularity and separation of concerns. Try to divide each section into subsections or paragraphs that are largely independent of each other. Ideally, each requirement or feature is discussed in its entirety in one place.

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