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Please make a PowerPoint presentation for me based on this requirement, and I also need a 20 minute written text of a speech, approximately 1600 words. The document is the example of this assignment.

For you SEO Audit which is due by Tuesday, November 14th at 5pm, you will do the following:

Pick a website and conduct a full audit on the website to determine whether the site is doing a good job or a bad job with their SEO. You can use SEO Site Checkup, SEM Rush’s SEO tool and/or MOZ’s SEO tool in ADDITION to analyzing whatever website you choose yourself. You can use the Moss & Lam SEO Audit PDF that I will upload to the Resources folder (in Presentations) as a format for your audit.

You will need to look at all of the factors we have discussed in class that contribute to PageRank, including but not limited to:

Meta titles – are they unique for every page? do they adhere to proper structure and character limits?

URL structure – is it consistent throughout the website? is it the proper URL structure?

H1, H2 tags – look at the website code and look for whether they use these tags and whether they use them correctly

Page load time

Meta descriptions – are they unique for every page? do they adhere to character limits?

Backlinks – does the site have them? Are they diversified? Are any of them generating a 404 file not found error?

Images – are they using Alt Text for images? Are images named correctly/use the proper naming convention?

You will need to do a search for the brand using unbranded and branded keywords and determine where the website ranks for each. You MUST be in incognito mode in order to receive the proper results.

You may also use SEO Site Checkup ( to start your audit but you MUST also look at the site’s ranking by conducting a branded and unbranded keyword search, look at all of the items I’ve just listed above as well. You cannot rely solely on SEO Site Checkup. You should also include 1-2 recommendations for improving the SEO pagerank for the website you are auditing.

You will create a presentation based on your findings and you will each be expected to record your presentation and submit on November 14, 2023. You will each have no longer than 20 minutes to present. If you go over 20 minutes it will be 5 points off your grade for the SEO Audit.

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