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Please respond to discussion below using current APA edition and 2 scholarly references.Must be 150 words.

Components and rationale of gynecological health history

Gynecology is a medical specialty focused on diagnosing and treating health issues that impact the female reproductive system (Chapman et al., 2019). Gynecologists gather information about their patients’ gynecological health history by conducting interviews and asking specific questions, which is an essential step in analyzing their gynecological history. The key components of the medical history include the current and previous menstrual cycles, past pregnancies, sexual encounters, and other gynecological problems. In addition, the historical account encompasses aspects of sexual history. Furthermore, the physician inquires about the patient’s discharge, the presence of pain or discomfort, urinary symptoms, contraceptive history, general health, and any other pertinent health issues.

During the menstrual history assessment, the physician aims to gather comprehensive information about the patient’s most recent menstruation period, the duration and regularity of their menstrual cycle, the age at which they experienced menopause, and whether they have any occurrences of postmenopausal bleeding (PMB). When evaluating the discharge, the doctor asks about its existence, color, frequency, odor, and itching. To assess pain and discomfort, it is important to gather information on the specific type and duration of the patient’s pain, the correlation between the pain and menstruation, the likelihood of pregnancy, and the possibility of experiencing gastrointestinal issues. Urinary symptoms provide additional insight into the characteristics of the expelled pee. The gynecologist inquires about urinary leakage, cloudiness of the urine, frequency of urination, and the presence of stress urinary incontinence.

Furthermore, obstetric history encompasses the count of offspring, pregnancy terminations, and postnatal complications encountered, such as depression. The purpose of a contraceptive history is to assess whether the patient has engaged in any sexual intercourse without using protection and the effectiveness of the contraceptive method employed. Finally, general health encompasses all aspects of overall physical well-being, including but not limited to weight management, skin conditions like acne, substance misuse, and other medical conditions such as arthritis. Typically, gynecological history is utilized to evaluate the female reproductive system and gather data on conditions that necessitate medical intervention.

Components of the GTPAL system used to document pregnancy history

The GTPAL system consists of five fundamental components that doctors utilize to gather comprehensive information on a woman’s obstetrical history (Bonifacino, 2020). As the acronym suggests, there is discussion of the five components. The initial component is gravida, which is utilized to evaluate the frequency of a woman’s pregnancies. It encompasses all previous pregnancies, including the present one. The second component, “term birth,” is utilized to assess the frequency of a woman’s pregnancies that have reached the necessary 37-week gestation period and resulted in successful delivery. Preterm births refer to instances where a woman has been pregnant but delivered her baby after more than 20 weeks but less than the typical duration of 37 weeks. The fourth component of this system pertains to abortions. Recurrent pregnancy loss, also known as habitual abortion, refers to the occurrence of multiple deliberate or spontaneous miscarriages in a woman before the 20th week of pregnancy. Finally, the concept of living children represents the ultimate element of this system, denoting the count of offspring that a mother has given birth to and who are currently alive.

USPSTF Screening recommendations

Women who have undergone a hysterectomy and had their cervix removed should not be checked for cervical cancer, as recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) screening recommendations. These suggestions are limited solely to female patients who have never disclosed a history of having a high-grade precancerous tumor.

Contraindications for hormonal contraception

The primary contraindications include hypertension, breast cancer, stroke, and coronary artery disease. Overall, there was a little increase in the chances of breast cancer for women who were using or just ceased using hormonal contraception. Administering hormonal contraception to women with hypertension is detrimental due to the heightened dangers it presents. In addition, the use of hormonal contraception raises the likelihood of stroke in people who have other variables that can precipitate a stroke, such as high blood pressure. Finally, the likelihood of being afflicted by coronary artery disease escalates with the utilization of hormonal contraception.

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