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student 1:

So after reading both the prompt A and prompt B articles, I’m gonna go with

prompt A and the question I have to ask here is why are Jews so hated? And

why was the legal precedent established by Washington? Not good enough. So

I know that there’s tons of information about why the Jews are not liked.

But then in the article, um by Lawer called an Abandoned Weapon in the

Fight against hate speech. It states that Washington um effectively

establish a legal precedent and that there would be no European style

corporate group identity or racial stigma against the Jewishness in America.

And then by law American Jews would be treated as white Americans as a

different religious of faith. And so my big question is when a president

comes out with something like this, normally everyone abides to it. But

after reading the article um from Goldstein race and the Jewish problem in

inner war America. It describes event after event of negativity towards the

Jewish people, even the Ku Klux Klan um the Times in the early 19 twenties

or even before that. And yeah, my big question is why are they so hated?

student 2:

The discussion
question that I am posing to prompt B is based upon the

writing from Jack or the Mayer in how Jews practice
their religion today

period. Oops, the author of the piece says that the
biggest divide in

Jewish life in America is between the Orthodox Jews
and all the other Jews.

Orthodox Jews. Look at Judaism as a package of Ds
and don’t and have to

observe the commandments as much as possible in many
well respected

orthodox communities. It can be very hard for them
to participate in

secular society, period. So the question that I have
and that I am posing

is where do you think a survey or a poll of orthodox
Jews would reveal if

given the chance to abide by all the strict
traditions or to live among

American culture and society and adapt more to the
new norms in the West?

Question? So that’s the question. And then what are
some of the reasons why

you think an Orthodox Jew would give for wanting to
stay in the Orthodox

community and be willing to engage in the sometimes
difficult practices?

And then on the other hand, why would some Orthodox
Jews explain reasons

why they would want to move towards joining a more
secular community.

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