Recommendation report/ technical description


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This assignment addresses the following learning objectives:

  • 1.1 Students will learn how descriptions, letters, memos, emails, and reports are used in the workplace.
  • 1.2 Students will identify common features of descriptions, letters, memos, emails, and reports are used in the workplace.
  • 3.1 Students will research solutions to the problem described in their definition paper and will write a recommendation report on the topic.
  • 4.1 Students will use their research to recommend logical, valid, researched solutions to the problem.

Your technical description described the problem that you will be researching. Now that you understand the problem and its effects, you are ready to begin the next section of your report. You will be researching solutions and making recommendations. Your solutions need to be supported by research. Look at what has been tried in the past and evaluate how well it worked. The number of solutions you propose is up to you. You want to propose three solutions and then make a recommendation based on which solutions you think would work best.

Recommendation reports usually begin with a description of the problem. You have already completed this section when you wrote the technical description paper defining your problem. You will be revising the technical description according to the suggestions made by your instructor. Then you will add the recommendation report to the technical description. You will need to tweak the purpose statement and the conclusion to indicate that the paper now includes solutions.

This report is going to focus on the solutions to the problem you presented in the technical description. The recommendation report answers the question, “What is the best option?”

Your job is to do more than provide your client with a recommendation. You need to provide data to support your conclusions. The reader will check your research, your logic, and your conclusions before accepting your recommendation. This means that you must provide research to support your recommendations. You will set up your recommendation report as follows:


You should be able to keep the introduction you used for the technical description. The purpose statement should indicate that the document includes recommendations.


You will need a brief transitional paragraph moving from the problem to the solution. This should provide an overview of the main points to be presented in the recommendation section.

You need to decide which possible solutions you are going to present. You should present more than one solution. You might want to discuss solutions that have been tried in the past but have not been successful.

When you present the possible solutions, make sure you are very clear and have research to show that this solution is a viable and logical solution that has been tried in the past. If the solution was successful, give data showing that it was a good choice. Clearly describe the solution as well as its advantages and disadvantages.


After you have presented all of the options, choose the one option that you feel would best meet your client’s needs. This should be based on effectiveness, cost, support needed, etc. At this point in the report, you can argue for this recommendation over the others by stressing its advantages and providing data to support your argument.

Your conclusion should sum up the solutions presented and once again move the reader to accept your recommendation.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. Solutions section should be a minimum of 600-700 words. The combined papers should be 1200-1400 words.
  2. Each solution should have a minimum of one citation from a valid source.
  3. Overall, the solutions section of the paper should include 4-6 citations from 2 different sources. These can be the same sources used in the Technical Description.
  4. At least two of these sources should be from the FSW database.
  5. You will use the same template you used for the technical description. Add a Part II and separate sections for each of the recommendations following the sample provided in this module.
  6. Paper must be double spaced and use MLA properly for all in text citations as well as the works cited page.


  • Do your research first. Find articles that relate to solutions. You may find that some of the articles you used for the technical description also include solutions. Feel free to use them again. If you find a solution that you think sounds good in a general article on your topic, research it separately and get the details you will need to use it in your paper.
  • Compose your draft in a separate Word document.
  • Pull up the corrected version of your technical description essay. Read your instructor’s comments and go over the rubric to see what revisions are needed. Revise the technical description essay as suggested.
  • Proof your new essay (Recommendation) carefully and then merge it with the Technical Description essay following instructions in the video included in Canvas.
    • You will need to tweak the introduction and the purpose statement.
    • You will also need to add a divider for Part II: Recommendation
    • You will need separate headings for each of the sections of Part II (see sample and video)
    • You will need to write a brief transitional paragraph leading the reader from Part I to Part II (see sample and video)
    • You will need to move the conclusion of the technical description to the end of the recommendation report and tweak the content to include both the problem and the solution.
    • You will need to create a new works cited page including all of the sources used for both papers.
    • Include recommendations in the title page
    • Add one graphic to each section in Part II
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