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Overview and Purpose

Policy memos are a basic and fundamental form of written communication in the areas of decision making and administration of public policies and programs. This assignment assists student KSA development in terms of producing an original policy memo, including analysis and interpretation of simulated data relevant to policy and program operations. The assignment relates to concepts and issues covered in Module 4 (or Unit – the terms are interchangeable), but also is germane to content covered in Modules 1 thru 3. It assists students in learning how to identify and assess causal relationships, as well as helping develop basic research and policy analysis skills. Finally, the assignment helps continued improvement in written communication skills as well permitting students to improved subject area knowledge about a program or policy relevant to their career interests.


You only need to submit one assignment – please read both options and select the option you would like to complete:

Option 1 – Policy Memo:

Review the Written Assignment Instructions

Review the following supplemental readings that you might want to use if you decide to add a concept definition/context paragraph or two in the memo. Please note also that Unit 4 Lecture Part E provides specific guidance on how to approach the assignment; reading the unit materials, along with the supplemental materials (and prior topics covered) and watching the Unit 4 Part E lecture will provide you with the necessary instruction to complete the assignment successfully.

Formatting and Guidelines

  • 1-2 pages in length
  • follows standard memo format as shown in Instructions

Option 2 – Jurisdictional Technology and Operational Planning Capacity Comparison

Review the Written Assignment Instructions

This assignment puts you in the position of exploring an Emergency Management or Public Safety career opportunity at two different agencies; The first is a large city or county with a population over 250,000 and the second is a smaller city or county with less than 75,000 population. This assignment asks you to compare the technological resources and the planning & operational capabilities between the two different sized agencies. Select two competing counties of interest that you would like to work at, one in a larger jurisdiction (over 250K residents) and a smaller jurisdiction (less than 75K residents). Compare the available technological resources and staff expertise between the two. Research their county websites or social media on their Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capability, floodplain management, mapping tools, public emergency dashboards, and emergency messaging systems utilized to warn the public of an emergency requiring action such as mass notification, wireless emergency alerts, or the Emergency Alert System.

Next, compare both organizations’ operations and planning capability based on your research of their publicly available websites, social media, or other publicly available information. How does each county conduct their planning such as emergency operations plans, continuity of operations, hazard mitigation planning, and floodplain management? What are the training and exercise capabilities or offerings of each location? Is there an observable difference between the jurisdictions? What would be the difference in planning and operational capacity (responding to emergencies in the community) between the larger county and the smaller? Finally, based on your research of the technological, planning, and operational capacities of each jurisdiction, which option would you hypothetically select and why? What issues would you experience at the choice you select that you may not encounter at the alternate location? How does your choice influence or affect your career and where you would like to be? Make sure to include references from course materials, lectures, readings, and other academic or professional references to strengthen your analysis.

Formatting and Guidelines

  • 3-5 pages in length
  • Follow standard APA protocols for academic papers – utilizing course readings, lectures, and other sources
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