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Mental Illness or Developmental Disorder Presentation: Project Overview


The Mental Illness or Developmental Disorder Presentation is an individual project. The project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final presentations. The final presentation will be submitted in Module 7.


As an individual, you will select a mental illness or developmental disorder, and creating an informational presentation. Your final presentation will be 5–6 minutes long with 12–14 presentation slides (including a title page and a reference list).

Your presentation will include the following content about the mental illness or developmental disorder selected.

  • Symptoms
  • Treatments
  • Effect on day-to-day function
  • Etiology (Who is likely to get this disorder? Age, gender, ethnicity, risk factors, etc.)
  • Typical age of onset
  • Prognosis (What is thought to be happening in the brain of the individual of the disorder?)
  • Healthcare issues/challenges to providing health care to individuals with this illness or disorder
  • What health care providers should keep in mind when working with patients with this mental illness or disorder
  • Celebrity photo and/or movie that reflects someone with the illness or disorder (short videos, less than 1 minute in length may be embedded)

Project Schedule and Milestones

You should work on this project during each module. There are three modules that require work to be submitted.

  • Module 2: Topic Selection – TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY
  • Module 3 and 4: Research
  • Module 5: Outline –
  • Module 6: Develop Your Presentation
  • Module 7: Final Presentation –

Submission and Assessment Guidelines

  • All milestones should use APA (7th ed.) citations and formatting. Refer to the APA Information for ensure you are using the proper formatting.
  • The total project is worth 260 points and is broken down as follows: Topic Selection due Module 2 (35 points), Outline due Module 5 (65 points), and Final Presentation due Module 7 (160 points).
  • Mental Illness or Developmental Disorder Presentation: Topic Selection


    The first step of your presentation is to select a mental illness or developmental disorder to use for your presentation. To select a topic, you will conduct research and select three options you would like to present. After the three options are submitted, your instructor will make the final selection and assign a topic to each student.


    Step 1: Choose topics.Choose three topics for your project. Use this Mental Illness and Developmental Disorders Reference List.Download Mental Illness and Developmental Disorders Reference List.Step 2: Conduct researchUse the American Psychological Association (APA)Links to an external site. website, the National Institute of Mental HealthLinks to an external site. website, and/or other credible resources to research the different mental illnesses and/or developmental disorders. It is recommended that you utilize the LIRN Library when conducting research for this activity. You can access the LIRN Library in your Canvas navigation bar.Step 2: Select three potential topics.

    • Based on your research, create a list of at least three mental illnesses or development disorders that you would like to focus on for your presentation.
    • Provide a brief overview of each topic and provide two references for each selection.
    • Submit your options to your instructor for approval, and one of your options will be assigned to you to research and develop a presentation.
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