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The purpose of this assignment is to work with others to develop a dynamic PowerPoint presentation (with embedded narration) that will be persuasive in nature from start to finish. Specifically, the persuasion in the presentation will revolve around a specific problem (e.g. cyber-bulling, rises in childhood obesity, increased homelessness, etc.) and the presentation should work to persuade the audience of three claims about that topic. First, at least three slides in the presentation should be dedicated to helping advance the claim that there is a problem and the problem is growing or has negative impacts. Second, at least three slides in the presentation should be dedicated to helping advance the claim that there are clear causes that influence why the problem is growing. Third, at least three slides in the presentation should be dedicated to advancing the claim that there are solutions that should be implemented to reduce the problem. The presentation should also have a title slide, a conclusion slide, and a works cited slide. The length of your presentation should be 15-20 minutes.

In order to persuade an audience of these claims, the group presentation must utilize various types of persuasive appeals. In general, persuasive appeals fall into three broad categories. Ethos appeals (or ethical persuasive appeals) refer to how speakers utilize character and credibility to persuade an audience. Supporting materials that highlight peer or expert testimony can be used as ethos appeals along with personal stories that elevate the character and credibility of the group members. Pathos appeals (or emotional persuasive appeals) refer to how speakers use vivid language, imagery or examples to evoke specific emotions that help an audience accept their claims. Examples and imagery that evoke emotions such as fear, empathy, desire, nostalgia, disgust, hopefulness, or other emotional reactions can be used. Logos appeals (or logic appeals) refer to how speakers use facts and statistics or logical reasoning to advance a claim. Supporting materials that advance research studies, statistics, or other forms of logical reasoning can be utilized to meet this third category. Groups should think clearly about the organization of the slides and also the narration that will accompany each slide so everything connects.

Groups are advised to follow this structure/organization for their group presentation

  1. Introduction (1 Slide/Title Slide)
  2. Problem Slides (at least 3 Slides)
  3. Cause Slides (at least 3 Slides)
  4. Solution Slides (at least 3 Slides)
  5. Conclusion Slide (1 Slide)
  6. Work Cited Slide (1 Slide)

In total, the 15-20 minute presentation will contain at least 12 slides with audio narration for each slide that explains the content in the slide, expands on the arguments and ties the group project together.

Since this a group project your group will need to utilize the Group Discussion features in Canvas to complete this project. The Group Discussion Board can be used for posting questions and updating each other on the process. Group members can also utilize Microsoft Office 360 to work on the PowerPoint presentations and add narration to the slides.

Your group can choose different options to complete the creation and final submission of this persuasive group presentation project.

One option would require the group to assign certain aspects of the slide presentation to specific group members and have each member of the group complete their assigned slides (including the voice and/or video narration). At the end of this process, someone in the group would have to organize all the slides collected into one final document and submit the final project for review.

Alternatively, your group can decide that one person will do all the voice narration for the entire project. Under this approach, different members of the group would complete the creation of the slides, but only one group member would be responsible for doing the video or audio narration and submit the project.

Other cooperative approaches could be used as well. Group members can decide who will research the issues, who will create the slides and who will deliver the presentation or the group members can share these duties. Use effective small group communication to identify how to complete this project.

No matter the approach. All slides should be well-organized and free from grammatical and/or spelling errors. Additionally, voice and/or video narration of the slides should be of high quality and utilize the conditions of effective public speaking delivery referenced in the reading and previous assignments.

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