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  • The countries are UAE United Arab Emirates and USA United States of America, Company: Tesla. In no more than two double-spaced pages, each person submits independently:
  • This paper should include no outside sources beyond course materials, except for time orientation and context in communication
  • Name of the organization you are studying
  • About 1 1/2 pages: Compare the culture of the foreign country you are studying to the culture of the parent country (US or other home country). This is in contrast to section one above—in this section of the project you are directly comparing US (or the home country of your company) culture to the culture of the foreign country and discussing any relevant findings.
    • Be sure to use the cultural tools we have covered (e.g. Hofstede, Trompenaars, GLOBE, time orientation, context in communication, etc.) in your analysis of the differences in cultural settings. Choose a cultural difference that is significant enough to merit consideration. (For instance, if the gap in IDV is only 7 points, that is not worthy of your time–select a different dimension that will be more important for you to examine.)
      • Clearly and efficiently describe the differences between the cultures. Always include scores, if available.
      • As you identify these differences, what do they mean for your company? Imagine you are sending an expatriate from your country to the foreign setting. What does she need to know about the dimension you have chosen so that she will be successful in the foreign setting? In other words, if she were to act as she is accustomed to at home, she would not relate as well to her colleagues in the foreign setting. Write this paper so that she understands the difference in the dimension and how she can overcome it (see recommendation below).
  • About 1/2 page: How should your company compensate for the cultural differences to maximize chances of success in the foreign market?
    • Make recommendation(s) for overcoming the cultural difference you have identified between the home and foreign cultures. Make your recommendations concrete and tie them directly to the stated differences in cultural tools you have described above. Your recommendations must be actionable. Imagine you are recommending to a manager who reports to you how she should compensate for the cultural difference you are addressing–when you return in a month’s time to evaluate progress, you should be able to tell whether or not your manager has achieved the goal you identified in your recommendation.
      • For instance, you might structure your recommendations in this way: “To compensate for the substantially higher collectivism in Country B, our company should plan to amend their compensation policies to include X, Y, and Z. . .”
        • Do not include “should be aware” or “should pay attention to” or similar language in your recommendations. Illustrate that you understand the differences between cultures and what it means for members of your organization by crafting simple, straightforward recommendations for how conducting business will be different.
  • Each team member should address a different cultural difference in this paper–for instance, all team members should not write on individualism–collectivism. If you do not have enough significant differences to provide for interesting analysis, please get permission before writing on the same cultural difference. (country comparison tool)

feedback, you did a good job incorporating many aspects however the paper needs to be done the same way you did it but just for onje of the aspects. We split up into groups to do this and each one of us has to cover one aspect and all have to write our own papers. You just have to pick one of the aspects about the countries. My group already did time orientation, power distance and individualism. So I can choose one of the remaining aspects and do the paper on that.

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