Presentation Milestone 1


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As preparation for your first Milestone Presentation and the course’s other presentations, it is recommended that you choose a tool that you are comfortable with or that you would like to become more familiar with.

Some tools that work well for creating narrated presentations are PowerPoint, Zoom, or Kaltura. Please consult the help page linked in uLearn for user guides on whichever tool you choose to use. If you would prefer to use a different tool, please contact your instructor for approval.

Then, complete the following steps to prepare your presentation content:

1.Review the list of Topic Options, below, and choose the topic that you are most interested in. You may want to consider which of the topics seem most important for leaders in the world today, and/or which of the topics is relevant to your professional life/chosen field, to help you choose.

2.Put together a short presentation that explains the most important leadership concepts, theories, approaches, considerations and/or strategies related to this topic. You may find it helpful to start with a presentation narration outline before you assemble your visuals and record. Your presentation should in some way answer the questions, “Why is this topic important for leadership?” and “What would an effective leader need to know, be, and/or do related to this topic?”

Suggested Outline (2-3 minutes):

  • Briefly explain the relevance of your topic: explain why you chose it as an important topic for leaders, and consider specific leadership contexts or situations in which your topic is most relevant. (30 seconds-1 minute)
  • Provide at least three (3) recommendations for leaders in this topic area, with support from course materials.(1-1.5 minutes)
    • Include examples where possible – either from the course, from outside materials, or from your own life and experience!
  • Briefly conclude with any final thoughts, additional considerations, or ideas or questions for further exploration. (30 seconds)

Assignment Requirements:

Your presentation should include:

  • Clear, audible narration for the entirety of the presentation.
  • Accompanying visuals (e.g. a Powerpoint slide desk or other form of visual presentation) that complement your discussion of the chosen topic.
  • Reference to and analysis of course content and/or outside sources, and examples where applicable.
  • A slide that includes formal citations for any sources you refer to, including your textbook and other course materials, in MLA format.
  • When requested or applicable, a brief explanation of the communication strategies or approaches you intend to model in your presentation.

Topic Options:

  • Effective Leadership Styles
  • Charismatic Leadership
  • Self-Awareness and Leadership
  • Leadership Habits and Behaviors
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Please review the LEAD1010 Presentation Rubric in the Syllabus & Course Info section for more information about how your presentations will be assessed.

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