Phython in jupyter notebook


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Q1. Popular Programming Languages (10 points)

Ask user to enter a student name and the languages (case-insensitive) that student prefers separated by comma.

User will enter ‘done’ when all students’ information has been entered.

After that, the program will display all the programming languages sorted in descending order of popularity.

Q2. Synonyms Dictionary (15 points)

The following contains a list of synonyms for 15 keywords (5 verbs, 5 nouns, 5 adjectives). Feel free to use your own set of keywords and synonyms.In Notepad or another text editing software, copy and paste the text above into the file and save the file as synonyms.txt in the same folder as your Jupyter notebook file.

Write a script that will read each keyword (key) and its synonyms (value) and store them in a synonyms dictionary.

Q3. Membership Manager (20 points) – List of Dictionaries

Write a program to manage Cost Plus membership list.

Assume that the names, phone numbers, membership type, total purchase amount in 2022, total cash back amount in 2022 of all members are stored in the text file members.txt

Part of the file is as follows (however, as a programmer, you do not know the exact number of members in this text file):

Judy Langley,301-141-1902,Gold,12398.09,190.23

Fred Morgan,301-215-2972,Silver,23098.01,90.88

Mike Nixon,301-903-3413,Gold,8374.47,87.03

Herbert Norton,301-220-4444,Silver,2907.82,32.52

Carol Preiss,301-895-2355,Gold,45971.23,280.78

Wendy Brown,301-987-2512,Silver,35070.55,118.72

  1. In Notepad or another text editing software, copy and paste the text above into the file and save the file as members.txt in the same folder as your Jupyter notebook file
  1. The code in the main function has been written for you (copy and paste the code below into your Jupyter notebook file. It will show the menu choices to the user and ask the user to choose an option. It will then call the appropriate function based on the option selected. It will continue asking for user’s choice until 7 is entered. You will complete each function as indicated in the comments.
  2. Q4.

    For question 3 above, add another menu option that allows the user to delete a member’s information. The program will show a list of all members’ names and prompt the user to enter the name to delete. It will then delete that specific member and his/her associated information from the list of tuples based on name. If the member is deleted, show “Member deleted”. Otherwise, if the member is not found, show a message “The member is not found. No change was made.”

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