Pandemic Project


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Part One

Admission Ticket Questions, Case Study for the SBAR Template

Admission Ticket


Pandemic Response Simulation


The Student Will:

1.Explore nursing response and responsibilities during a pandemic.

2.Describe social, financial, physical and self-care effects of a pandemic on individuals, groups, and families.

3.Reflect on your personal and professional experiences during a pandemic related to biases of the population you are serving.

4.Explore evidence-based data related to pandemic response.

  • Complete patient education regarding pandemic response.

Please review the following PRIOR to your simulation experience:

Read and complete the following:

  • Pandemic Response Simulation Pre-questionnaire
    • Complete the Pandemic Response student self-assessment questionnaire.
    • Review your answers as you will need this information to complete the admission ticket.
    • Present knowledge of COVID-19: (7:27min)

2.Explore the following websites:

a.UpToDate – Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): epidemiology, virology and prevention

b.Explore current COVID-19 data across the Commonwealth of Virginia noting trends and restrictions. Virginia website: Look at VDH website:

c.Frequently asked questions –

d.Explore current COVID-19 data across the Commonwealth of Virginia noting trends and restrictions. Virginia website: Look at VDH website:

e.Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Global Impact –

f.World health Organization –


b.Symptom checker – May 25 – VDH-COVID 19 symptom COVID19 checker (1:58)

For more information you can go to to actually go through and experience VDH symptom check software.

Pre-Scenario Questions (Admission Ticket)

Please be prepared for your Simulation by completing the following questions:

Directions: Complete the following questions related to the impact of the pandemic response on the individual, community, and the world. Answers must be completed for review prior to simulation session to allow student to participate in session.


Impact of COVID-19 on the Individual

After exploring the above websites, answer the following questions:

  • What new knowledge did you learn from taking the Pandemic Response Pre-Questionnaire?
  • From your readings and website exploration, what are three things that surprised you regarding a pandemic?
  • What are three changes an individual would experience because of a pandemic? Describe the impacted to sense of wellbeing and connection with others?
  • What two COVID-19 myths have you heard that are not confirmed true? What would you teach that patient/family/friend about each?

Impact of COVID-19 on a Community

Go to the VDH website (VDH website: ) and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify one vulnerable population that was affect by COVID-19 pandemic and describe three ways this vulnerable population was impacted?
  2. Identify two new resources available to the VA community as the result of the pandemic for your vulnerable population. Why did you pick these?
  3. Describe a new/improved technology or patient education that resulted from a pandemic?
  4. What is one thing you would teach a hospitalized patient to prepare them for a pandemic?

Impact of COVID-19 on the World

Click on this link and read:

After you have explored the above websites, answer the following questions.

  • What is our government goals of CDC’s global response to the COVID 19 Pandemic?
  • What are the CDC’s objectives to meets these goals?
  • Describe two resources that were implemented to help us as well as our global partners survive the pandemic response?
  • Describe one way the WHO is looking to improve the global health goals of the vulnerable populations impacted by COID-19 pandemic?
  • Pandemic Simulation Response Part 1 –
    Contact Tracing with SBAR Assignment Instructions PurposeThe purpose of the COVID-19 Contact Tracing is to provide a learning opportunity thatillustrates the impact of COVID-19 on the communities and vulnerable populations. Thestudent will be assigned a contact tracing case study to review. It is the student’sresponsibility to identify the patient’s needs and then write a SBAR for the communityhealth nurse focusing on increasing health outcomes to stop the spread of COVID-19.The SBAR should demonstrate the student’s knowledge of your case study, andpatient’s individual needs because of COVID-19 and then be a patient advocate.Objectives1. Explore current COVID-19 data across the Commonwealth of Virginia notingtrends and restrictions.2. Describe social, financial, physical and self-care effects of the COVID-19pandemic on individuals, groups, and families.3. Reflect on your personal and professional experiences during Covid-19pandemic related to biases of the population that are serving.4. Complete a contact tracing interview focusing on patient education about COVID-19 to those in isolation and quarantine.5. Examine Agencies Response to COVID-19 to the vulnerablepopulation/community they serve and be a patient advocate for resourcesneeded in contact tracing case.Instructions1. You receive notice that the Virginia Department of Health needs volunteers tohelp with contact tracing. As a nursing student you are being asked to supportyour contact tracing at a free-standing clinic by reviewing one potential COVID-19 patient exposure case. There are four telephone interviews with COVID-19-exposed patients that have already been conducted. You have been assignedone case study to review. You will apply what you have learned to your assignedcontract tracing case study to write an SBAR report to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This information will be given to the Community Health Nurse forfollow up.2. What is Contact Tracing and why is it necessary?o Now that you are ready to apply your knowledge of COVID-19, use thislink to go to the below website to learn more about contact tracing beforeyou start your case review.o Resources for Contact Tracing▪ Virginia Health Department direct link:▪ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 ContactTracing Communication Toolkit for Health Departmentsdirect link: Check the list below to see which case study you have been assigned to reviewand then write a SBARo If your last name is from A – G: you are assigned Case Ao If your last name is from H – L: you are assigned Case Bo If your last name is from M – S: you are assigned Case Co If your last name is from T– Z: you are assigned Case D4. Read your assigned Case Study5. Look over the SBAR template6. Why do we use SBAR?o SBAR is an easy-to-remember, concrete mechanism useful for framingany conversation, especially critical ones, requiring a clinician’s immediateattention and action. It allows for an easy and focused way to setexpectations for what will be communicated and how between members ofthe team, which is essential for developing teamwork and fosteringa culture of patient safety.o To learn more about the history of SBAR click on the Reference Direct linkto Institute for Health Care Improvement…7. After you have read your case study, fill out the SBAR Template to give a writtenreport to the Community Health Nurse.o Follow the prompts on the SBAR template8. Once the SBAR Template is complete, upload it into blackbo

Part Two

Brochure with questions answered.

After reading the Mitchell case study, view the list of patient education topics (Appendix A) and

select one topic to create a patient education video or brochure.

1. Contents must include the following in either the educational video or brochure:

o Purpose of the education.

o Rationale as to why this education is important.

▪ Which family member of the Mitchell did you select? Rationale should

include health problem and health risk.

o Patient education.

o What health outcomes could result from this education?

o Additional reference to find more information.

2. Upload your patient education video or brochure under assignments tab.

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