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  • A title page with student’s name, staff mentor’s name and position/title, the name of the agency, and the dates of the clinical experience.
  • Each entry gives a description of each clinical experience. It should include evidence of application of learning experiences in relation to the outcomes. The entries should incorporate readings, learning activities from class, and personal insight into your personal and professional growth.
  • Each outcome for each clinical area must be addressed in the entry for that experience.
  • Journals should be no more than 4 pages long (not including title and reference pages)
  • Each entry must be computer generated in APA style.

Community Health Nursing in the Schools

Required reading: Stanhope & Lancaster, Chapter 31

Upon completion of this experience, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss professional standards expected of school nurses. ( First use example from the book and cite it- then my experience at the school” I had a great day with Ms G, she showed me how to document each student that comes for School nurse visit. we wrote their name, grade, what are they here for, and what we did to solve their problem. one example we had a student from first grade that is lactose intolerant and she ate waffles that contains milk, she was vomiting and her stomach hurts, so we called her mom and she said to let her rest and send her back to class if she is okay. we let her rest for 45 minutes then we brought her lunch then we sent her back to class.” – add my personal growth ” I learned how to document on each student that come in and I felt more confident the rest of the day.” ( you can add more to it but I’m just telling you some of what happens)
  • Differentiate between the many roles and functions of school nurses. (First use example from the book and cite it- then my experience at the school” Ms G told me about the different roles of school Nurses, she told me they are responsible for medication administration, vision testing, and hearing testing.” you can add more information but use a format that Ms G taught me. – add my personal growth.
  • Describe the different variations of school health services and coordinated school health programs. (First use example from the book and cite it- then my experience at the school” the School I went to called Our Lady of Peace elementary school, it accepts low income families for free, they provide students free lunch, and they have a lot of volunteers. for example my University volunteer to help in certain day where a nurse and a student will come and help in the Clinic- add my personal growth on this topic.
  • Assess the nursing care given in schools in terms of the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention. (First use example from the book and cite it- then my experience at the school” primary would be educating student on germs and hand hygiene, educating staff on reading food labels to prevent allergic reactions. Secondary would screening like taking temperature, hearing test, vision test. tertiary would be giving scheduled medication to certain students.” add my personal growth on this topic.
  • Identify future trends in school nursing. (First use example from the book and cite it- then my experience at the school” using a website to document on student that come for school nurse visit” add my personal growth on this topic.

I went to Our Lady of Peace elementary school with nursing instructor Ms G, please follow my instructions and you can add more information. I attached the book.

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