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part one

PPP – 02 My Public Problem


After discussing public problems, you decide and share which public problem you want to focus on for the duration of the Project.

The benefit of engaging in a discussion before deciding your public problem is that your peers have knowledge and lived experiences that help you frame the public problem and consider other causes and effects.

Validating your peers’ public problems moves us away from typical “my public problem is the most important” debate to thoughtfully considering what a public problem is, what causes the problem, and what are they effects of the public problem.

Estimated Time

An estimated 2 hours is needed to complete this activity.

Assignment: Post Your Public Problem

After discussing public problems, causes, and effects with your peers last week, it’s time to share your public problem, causes and effects directly with the Professor.

Your submission should include the following:

  • Statement of Public Problem
  • 1st cause of public problem
  • 2nd cause of public problem
  • 1st effect of public problem
  • 2nd effect of public problem

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my public problem?

It is ok with me if you want to change your public problem from what you posted in the Classroom Discussion to this assignment.

Please leave a note in your submission saying you decided to change your public problem from the Classroom Discussion to this assignment.

What is the difference between this assignment and the prior Classroom Discussion?

In the Classroom Discussion, you are asked to post a public problem and list 1 cause and 1 effect. Additionally, you are asked to reply to two classmates contributing additional causes and effects to their public problem.

For this assignment, you should declare your public problem, but now you need to list 2 causes and 2 effects. The assumption is that replies for your peers, or in your own thinking of the public problem over the week, that you have an second cause and a second effect.












part two

SIM – 01 Domestic Politics

Estimated Time

An estimated 2 hours needed to complete this activity.

What is Domestic Politics?

Domestic politics is the struggle of who gets what, when, where, how, and why within a country.

The key here is that domestic politics focuses exclusively on what happens inside the borders of a country.

Why are Domestic Politics important in an International Relations course?

Domestic politics are important in an international relations course for four reasons.

  1. First, domestic politics can set the range of actions domestic political actors can take on the international level.
  2. Second, domestic politics, while seemingly impervious to international events and actors, is susceptible to foreign events and actors given the increasing connections between people, communities, businesses, and governments throughout the world.
  3. Third, domestic politics can spillover beyond the traditional gates of government and military channels to shape international dialogues, instigate international events, and drive international actors to react. In other words, domestic politics can affect international matters in observable and less observable ways.
  4. Finally, domestic politics is where we start. Barring those of us who were born in one place, and then grew up in multiple places around the world, domestic politics is what anchors our understanding of politics in general.

What Domestic Political Actors shape International Relations?

While there can be a range of domestic political actors that shape international relations, below is a list of eight major groupings of actors:

Group 1: Executive Branch

  • Definition: “the branch of government charged with the execution and enforcement of laws and policies and the administration of public affairs; the executive.” (DictionaryLinks to an external site.)

Group 2: Environmental Organizations

  • Definition: “An environmental organization is an organization coming out of the conservation or environmental movements that seeks to protect, analyse or monitor the environment against misuse or degradation from human forces.” (WikipediaLinks to an external site.)

Group 3: Private Corporations

  • Definition: “a corporation that is not a public corporation : a corporation organized for the profit of its members or in which the entire interest is not held by the state” (Merriam-WebsterLinks to an external site.)

Group 4: The Mass Media

  • Definition: “a medium of communication (such as newspapers, radio, or television) that is designed to reach the mass of the people —usually used in plural” (Merriam-WebsterLinks to an external site.)

Group 5: The Public

Group 6: Legislative Branch

Group 7: Human Rights Organizations

  • Definition: “A human rights group, or human rights organization, is a non-governmental organization which advocates for human rights through identification of their violation, collecting incident data, its analysis and publication, promotion of public awareness while conducting institutional advocacy, and lobbying to halt these violations.” (WikipediaLinks to an external site.)

Group 8: Labor Unions

  • Definition: “A trade union (or a labor union in the U.S., or a union in Australia) is an association of workers forming a legal unit or legal personhood, usually called a “bargaining unit”, which acts as bargaining agent and legal representative for a unit of employees in all matters of law or right arising from or in the administration of a collective agreement.” (WikipediaLinks to an external site.)


Step 1: Select Domestic Political Actors

  • Select two Domestic Political Actors that most intrigue you.

Step 2: Explain your Selected Domestic Political Actors

In 5-sentences or more, explain the two Domestic Political Actors you selected. You can use the following questions to help explain your choice:

  • Which two Domestic Political Actors most interest you and why?
  • What is a real-world example of one or both domestic political actors?
  • What is at least one trade-off in focusing on two Domestic Political Actors versus all the Domestic Political Actors?
  • What is at least one benefit of using two Domestic Political Actors versus using just one Domestic Political Actors?

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