module 23 (2)


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Progress Check

Use this activity to assess whether you and your peers can:

  • Under appropriate conditions, conduct a hypothesis test about a difference between two population means. State a conclusion in context.


Use the drop-down menu to learn about the three steps needed to complete this assignment.

Three steps to complete the assignment


Do undergraduates sleep less than graduate students?

A student conducted a study of sleep habits at a large state university. His hypothesis is that undergraduates will party more and sleep less than graduate students. He surveyed random samples of 75 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. Subjects reported the hours they sleep in a typical night.

For this hypothesis test, he defined the population means as follows:

  • 1 is the mean number of hours undergraduate students sleep in a typical night.
  • (mu_2) is the mean number of hours graduate students sleep in a typical night. No description available.


Hours: typical number of hours a student sleeps each night
Program: undergraduate or graduate

Program is the explanatory variable, and the data is categorical. Hours is the response variable, and the data is quantitative.


Download the sleep2Links to an external site. datafile, and upload the file in StatCrunch.

  • Open the sleep2 data set in the Stats at Cuyamaca College group on StatCrunch (directions – opens in a new tab).


  1. State the null and alternative hypotheses. Include a clear description of the populations and the variable.
  2. Explain why we can safely use the two-sample T-test in this case.
  3. Use StatCrunch to carry out the test. (directions) My account on Statcrunch is: User Aobeeda2003
    Password Abdullah_2008
  4. Copy the content in the StatCrunch output window (text and the table) and paste it into the textbox with your response.
  5. State a conclusion in the context of this problem.

List of StatCrunch Directions

Click here for StatCrunch Directions

Module 23 Discussion Board

Use the Module 23 discussion board (opens in a new tab) to ask questions or provide feedback about the problems in any Module 23 activity – including this peer-reviewed assignment.

Review Feedback

  • Instructor feedback is only available after an assignment is graded.
  • Use these directions (opens in a new tab) to learn how to review feedback.
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