MKT 500 Week 6 Discussion – Avoiding Marketing Mistakes


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1. Watch the video “The Worst Marketing Blunders of 2019” (2:32)

  • Research a brand that has experienced challenges in the business world over the last three years.
  • Analyze and explain which of the 4Ps was most impacted. (Note: do not use one of the brands from the video)
  • In hindsight, what could this brand have done to avoid the business challenge you identified?

2. Watch the video “Sell Like a Girl ScoutLinks to an external site.” (2:02)

  • How could you implement some of the same strategies the Girl Scouts used when marketing your product or service?

Read and respond to your classmate’s (Luis) post below:

Hello Class and Professor,

One brand that has faced significant challenges in the business world over the last three years is Boeing. Challenges such as the 737 Max Crisis, the Covid-19 Pandemic, Production delays and Quality issues, Competition and Market Dynamics, Supply Chain Challenges, Regulatory Scrutiny and Oversight, and Financial Consequences. By enhancing its safety procedures, cooperating with aviation authorities, regaining consumer trust in its goods, and emphasizing product quality and innovation, Boeing has been aggressively tackling these issues. However conquering these complex obstacles is a continuous process, and the business still has to overcome obstacles in order to bounce back and reclaim its place in the aerospace sector. All four Ps have been damaged in some way, but in the case of Boeing, the Product component has been most affected because of the 737 Max disaster and the importance of product safety, dependability, and reputation in the aerospace sector. Boeing’s recovery and long-term success depend heavily on its continued efforts to address these product-related issues. In hindsight, the lessons learned from Boeing’s mishaps highlight how crucial safety, quality, openness, and proactive risk management are to the aerospace sector. By putting these precautions in place, it could have been possible to prevent or lessen the business difficulties and their major negative effects on the brand’s standing and bottom line.

To implement some of the same strategies they’ve used when marketing your own product or service, consider the following approaches such as targeting audience segmentation, building a strong brand, leveraging a cause or purpose, seasonal or limited availability, community engagement, digital marketing, storytelling and authenticity, customer feedback and adaptation, cross-promotion, volunteer and community involvement, online ordering and delivery, loyalty programs, sustainability and responsible practices, innovation and new offerings, and social media marketing. By using these techniques, you can take a cue from the Girl Scouts’ successful marketing strategies and modify them to effectively market your goods or services in your target market. To achieve marketing success, keep in mind that customization and ongoing improvement are essential.

Explanation & Answer

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