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Government officials are working to build their economy while also providing aid and support to impoverished citizens. They issue a plea to members of the international system, asking for monetary assistance. This assistance can be best described as a form of ________

Question 1 options:

subsistence support.

foreign aid.

government expropriation.

exogenous capital.

Question 2 (2.475 points)

The development level of an economy is often indicated by its ________ per capita.

Question 2 options:

subsistence production


gross domestic product


Question 3 (2.475 points)

Lyra was recently arrested on suspicion of breaking into a local electronics store. Lyra knows she is innocent and is confident that she will be found not guilty of her crime. She believes that the legal system will treat her fairly throughout the process. This scenario best demonstrates the concept of ________

Question 3 options:

the coercion dilemma.


the rule of law.


Question 4 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates the concept of the resource curse?

Question 4 options:

a country with an overabundance of oil deposits that fails to see economic growth because government officials use oil revenue for personal enrichment

a country that experiences limited growth because it does not have laws in place banning monopolistic markets

a country with a large population that is unable to achieve technological growth because it lacks the tools needed to train its workers

a country that experiences decreasing amounts of growth despite its efforts to improve industrial infrastructure and attract additional labor from other countries

Question 5 (2.475 points)

A state is in a significant recession, and the government is at risk of defaulting on its loans. Its president believes that the state only needs a short-term loan to pull the country through the crisis, but believes he has run out of options in the international community. Which of the following best represents an option that may still be available to assist?

Question 5 options:

International Monetary Fund

World Bank

International Trade Organization

Washington Consensus

Question 6 (2.475 points)

The WTO, IMF, and World Bank have come under fire in the past for advocating the broad principles of market liberalism to states in the international system. The process of spreading ideas or principles in this manner can be best described as ________

Question 6 options:


the catalytic effect.

the flexibility mechanism.

norm diffusion.

Question 7 (1.5 points)

The resource curse is the argument that for each additional unit of labor or capital added, less and less growth is created.

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates why Donald Trump voiced opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the 2016 presidential election?

Question 8 options:

He believed that it shifted too much power from the United States to the World Trade Organization.

He worried that the agreement did not include an escape clause that would provide the United States with an easy exit if the agreement was failing.

He feared that the agreement would not encourage enough large U.S. corporations to move their operations outside of the country.

He felt that the agreement would take economic gains away from the United States and distribute them to other member states.

Question 9 (0.75 points)

Question 9 options:

The ________ was created to assist governments in long-term economic development goals by providing a source of subsidized capital to countries rebuilding in the aftermath of World War II.

Question 10 (2.475 points)

Representatives from Canada are preparing for their next meeting with other members of the WTO. They are working on changes to make globalization more inclusive while helping the world’s poor by reducing trade barriers and subsidies in farming. These meetings can be best described as taking place within ________

Question 10 options:

norm diffusion.

managed openness.

socialization sessions.

a negotiating round.

Question 11 (2.475 points)

In the past, three car manufacturers dominated the United States market—Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler. Due to the limited competition the three companies faced, the companies could charge higher prices than if there were more auto manufacturers. Which type of market structure does this example best represent?

Question 11 options:





Question 12 (2.475 points)

A country faces an imminent financial crisis, and investors have begun pulling out of the country. To restore investor confidence, the International Monetary Fund provides an emergency loan. If the loan is successful, it can be best described as having a(n) ________ effect.

Question 12 options:





Question 13 (2.475 points)

To boost trade, a group of states from South America has created an agreement to reduce tariffs among member states. This agreement can be best described as an example of ________

Question 13 options:





Question 14 (1.5 points)

A rotating credit institution is a mechanism where repeat borrowers are extended additional funds to deal with sovereign borrowing problems.

Question 14 options:

Question 15 (1.5 points)

The Washington Consensus is a term for a common set of economic prescriptions that were said to reflect mainly Western and U.S.-based ideas of how the economy should be governed, and as a result, ignored variations in local context.

Question 15 options:

Question 16 (0.75 points)

Question 16 options:

_________ are agreements among a select group of countries to extend trade concessions to one another to foster greater economic integration.

Question 17 (2.475 points)

The government of a small country lacks the resources to protect citizens’ land and resources from plunder by armed groups. As a result, most citizens have given up their attempts to increase output beyond what they need to survive. The citizens’ behavior in this scenario best demonstrates the concept of ________ production.

Question 17 options:





Question 18 (2.475 points)

_________ refers to economic integration that preserves national governments’ abilities to intervene in the economy to insulate and compensate citizens from job loss or economic volatility.

Question 18 options:


Managed openness

Trade diffusion


Question 19 (0.75 points)

Question 19 options:

________ are permitted under World Trade Organization rules in retaliation for allegations that foreign producers are selling products below market value to drive out competition.

Question 20 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best describes the criticism that international financial institutions faced during the 1980s and 1990s?

Question 20 options:

they failed to require government cuts on spending before issuing loans

they relied heavily on temporary safeguards like tariffs to deal with economic turmoil

they advocated Western and U.S.-based ideas regarding how economies should be governed

they refused to bail out countries who engaged in what was perceived as risky behavior

Question 21 (2.475 points)

A country is found guilty of subsidizing its exporters in order for them to sell products at below-market prices to bankrupt competition in another country. After the ruling, government officials impose a significant tax on imports from the guilty state. This tax can be best described as a ________

Question 21 options:

retaliatory tariff.

catalytic effect.

dispute settlement.

safeguard tool.

Question 22 (0.75 points)

Question 22 options:

The rights of individuals to possess what they earn are known as ________.

Question 23 (2.475 points)

Weston is a small business owner and has been working to increase output over the past year. He started by doubling the number of production machines in the factory. He also added 25 new employees. After seeing positive results, Weston decides to double the number of machines again and add 25 more employees. After analyzing the output, Weston is disappointed that the second round of enhancements failed to increase production as much as the first round. This scenario best represents the concept of ________

Question 23 options:

comparative advantage.

the resource curse.

subsistence production.

diminishing returns.

Question 24 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates the concept of rent-seeking?

Question 24 options:

government officials charge illegal fees to businesses in exchange for licenses to operate

government officials subsidize a training program designed to increase the skills of state workers

government officials enact strict policy reforms to ensure they meet loan conditions specified by the IMF

government officials take ownership of land owned by a small business owner without providing compensation

Question 25 (2.475 points)

A state government is having difficulty meeting its debt obligations and has applied for a loan with the International Monetary Fund. Despite this being the state’s third loan request in as many years, the International Monetary Fund approves the loan. The state’s actions over the past three years can be best described as a form of ________

Question 25 options:





Question 26 (1.5 points)

The World Bank defines extreme poverty as a condition where individuals live on less than 1.90 US$ per day.

Question 26 options:

Question 27 (0.75 points)

Question 27 options:

________ is the relative efficiency in the production of some good or service compared to the production of some other good or service.

Question 28 (2.475 points)

A newly elected mayor has begun an initiative to replace all the streetlights in the city with energy-efficient LED lights. The new streetlights can be best described as an example of ________

Question 28 options:

public goods.

human capital.

common assets.

exogenous property.

Question 29 (2.475 points)

Denton Supply is a growing logistics firm located in the United States. Its owner recently added a manager who will be responsible for training staff members and management. We can best describe the owner’s actions as an investment in ________ capital.

Question 29 options:





Question 30 (0.75 points)

Question 30 options:

When a government uses coercive power to transfer formal ownership of land or resources from citizens to the state, it is known as ________.

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