INFO 4730 Section 001 – Digital Curation and Preservation (Fall 2023 1)


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Module 9: Small Project 1 – Information Settings and System Evaluations

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There are various settings in which Digital Curation and Preservation can be implemented. I roughly categorized the settings into three: Personal, academic/educational, and business. Explore each setting, and while exploring, think of the features you think a system should include for each setting.

Explore the software and websites listed in “Digital Curation Preservation Tools” and evaluate as many systems as you like, but at least two. You should be able to use them for free or create a trial account.

Now, you are going to report your findings.

Select one of the information settings and create a report in the context. Make sure you include the following in your report.

  • Information setting you selected (personal, academic/educational, or business)
  • Two systems you evaluated for the setting
  • Compare the systems by discussing features and advantages/disadvantages
  • Insert screenshots
  • Make a recommendation

Post your report to the discussion.

Due Date: Your report is due on Sunday, 10/29 at 11:59pm. Feedback to other students is optional.

Module 10: Small Project 2 – Creating Your Own Repository

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You are going to create your own repository this week.


  • Based on the evaluations you did last week, select one system to create your own repository. If you prefer, you can evaluate more systems and select something else other than the systems you discussed last week.
  • Ingest at least 5 items and create metadata for them.
  • Organize the items further (e.g., collections and albums), if the system of your choice allows such an organization and if it makes sense to do so for the potential users of your repository.
  • Generate a shareable URL or make your site public. If you used downloadable software, create a presentation with screenshots of your repository.


  • Share your experience creating the repository.
  • Rate your level of satisfaction and explain why.
  • Discuss your own future tasks (need to explore more systems, need to gain more technical skills, want to maintain the repository for personal use, etc.)
  • Invite the class to your repository (post the URL). If you used downloadable software, attach the presentation (see adobe).

Due Date: 11/5 at 11:59pm. Your comments to other students are optional.

Module 11: Small Project 3 – Creating Your Digital Portfolio

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Check a few job openings listed hereLinks to an external site..Identify the one that best matches your experience and skill set (you do not have to meet the requirement 100%) or the one that interests you the most. Then, visit the company/organization website and learn what they do.

Your discussion post should include the following.

  • The job title you selected
  • Brief description of the job duties and requirements
  • Why you selected the job
  • Your digital curation/preservation portfolio to show the company/organization that you are a good fit for the position.

Your portfolio:

Identify and select one software/tool that is suitable for the job you selected (consider what you would be curating, what you would be doing with the curated items, etc.) from any of the lists provided to you so far. Create your repository. Your repository should show a good understanding of the company/organization and the position you selected.

If you have a sharable URL, post the URL. If no URL, then attach screenshots. If you are attaching screenshots, please make them presentable as your portfolioLinks to an external site..

Feedback to other students is optional.

Due Date:

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