identification of challengers


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Pick a product, a service, or an industry that you find interesting and is important. Provide background

information about your product or industry, including identification of: materials and labor sourcing,
manufacturing locations, final consumers or users of the product, size of the market, extent of
globalized production, and environmental impacts. Identify the key stakeholders. Remember that
stakeholders are not the same as stockholders – stockholders are the owners of the company and are
one stakeholder group. If you are not clear about who might be a stakeholder, take a look at Caux
Round Table Principles at for identification of Key
Stakeholders.Use the principles of Catholic social teaching (CST) and the theories of justice discussed in the book to
identify three principles of CST that are relevant to your product or industry. Explain each of the three
principles of CST and why they are important and relevant in this industry setting. Identify and explain
key concerns, challenges, and/or ethical dilemmas that are important in this industry at this time.
Provide enough information so that the reader can understand what is happening in the industry.

Evaluate and provide a well-reasoned opinion as to whether the company (or companies) in this
industry are behaving ethically with respect to each of the three principles of CST that you have
identified as important. You should incorporate theories of justice in your analysis. To provide a more
focused analysis, you can evaluate one of the important companies in this industry, rather than the
entire industry. For example, you can identify three issues that the shoe industry faces and then
evaluate the way that Timberland is addressing these issues.

part 2 – Proposed Solutions

In this part of the project, you will develop a recommendation to address one of the ethical challenges
faced by this company or industry out of the three identified in part 1.

You will be using a critical thinking approach to develop and present your recommendation. This
approach consists of three parts: (a) explanation of the problem, (b) identification and analysis of
options, and (c) your recommendation. Your paper should clearly reflect this approach. Please use
headings to identify each of the three parts as you write. The grading rubric will help you to understand
the expectations for each of the three parts.

Select one of the three principles of CST that you identified in the first part of your project for your work
in this part. Again, you can provide analysis and recommendations for either the industry as a whole or
for a leading company in the industry. Explain the problem or dilemma that you are evaluating. Again,
select only one of the three principles of CST that you identified in part 1 of this project. This is the first
part of the critical thinking approach.

For the second part of your analysis, identify possible options to address the problem that you identified
above. There are always multiple ways to address a problem, and there are pros and cons for these
options. For each option, explain how the option would help to address the problem at hand and discuss
the pros and cons. For example, if a company wants to reduce its environmental footprint, it could
install solar panels at its locations. While this would reduce the company’s emissions (a pro or a benefit),
it might be expensive and might not provide sufficient electricity (a con or negative). Be specific and try
to obtain data and/or costs as much as possible. Follow this approach for each of the potential solutions
that you are identifying as reasonable solutions for the problem at hand.

The third part of the critical thinking approach is to make a recommendation. You will be recommending
one solution in your conclusion. Explain your proposed solution and support your recommendation by
explaining and showing why it is the best approach. It is critical to provide support for your
recommendation so that the reader can understand your thought process.

It is important for everyone in business to be able to contribute to decisions and to the success of the
organization or group of which you are a member. A common concern of employers is that prospective
employees do not always think critically or logically when they evaluate a problem and communicate. the book is calledgood “business catholic social teaching at work in the marketplace”

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