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For your first major assignment, you’ll select a select a website for a product, service, or organization connected to your field or projected profession and write a thesis-driven evaluative argument in which you examine the rhetorical strategies of the site. For example, if you’re a pre-pharmacy major, you might select a website from a drug company, a national pharmacy chain, or even the website for the National Pharmacists Association. Each of these websites is making an argument: “(You should) buy this” or “(You should) shop here” or “(You should) join us.” The purpose of this essay is to evaluate how effectively your site persuades viewers or potential customers to “do this” or “do that” by analyzing and evaluating the rhetorical elements in the site.

Use the strategies for evaluation outlined in RRW, Ch. 8, to guide your essay. You can also draw on Seyler’s discussion of rhetorical strategies in Ch. 3 and guidelines for reading photographs and advertisements in Ch. 5.

A successful essay will:

• Bring readers into the context of the website, briefly summarize the website’s content, and make a claim (thesis) for the site’s rhetorical effectiveness or for the most significant rhetorical features of the site. A strong claim is both contestable – reasonable people might disagree – and predictive – it will set up expectations for the direction of your essay.
• Develop your main points around specific criteria for evaluating the site. Consider how the site makes its argument, not whether or not you agree with the content. Analysis and evaluation rely on your objective judgments. Remember also that rhetoric encompasses any tools available for persuasion. For example, would it be useful to talk about the argument in terms of ethos, logos, pathos? Might you focus on design, ease-of-use, or images? On audience or purpose?
• Support your main points with concrete examples (evidence) from the website. To develop and support your own points, you will need to include visual features and details, such as color, design, and images, as well as short quotations from any verbal elements of the site. You will also include 2+ images from your site to illustrate and support your argument. Think of your own ethos and logos as you develop your argument and design your final document.

Your finished document should be at least 3 pages but no longer than 4 (750-1000 words total). You will need to cite both the textbook and the website you’re analyzing, at least once each in the document. The essay should be in MLA format – look for the MLA Help link I have posted in Unit 2: Intro to Rhetoric.

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