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Disclaimer- If you do not have full access to the book ‘Genesis’ by Robert Alter, please do not accept this assignment. This assignment can not be fully completed without this access.

For this assignment please create a powerpoint presentation on Hasidism. (If you can not create and attach a powerpoint, then please create a bulleted list with each section properly headed and answering every question.) For the presentation, (1 give an overview of what the Hasidic movement is, (2) offer some overall themes from these aphorisms and tales, (3) focus on several of them and how they relate to the reading and discussion of Genesis, and (4) offer an interpretation of how these aphorisms and tales relate to the other religious reception texts (Buddhism and Taoism)

Attached is the 10 page introduction to Hasidism as well as the aphorisms and readings. These are the only two sources to be utilized in regards to Hasidism. When answering part 4 of the question, other sources can be used in order to find relations between Hasidism and Buddhism/Taoism. Below are pages from the Hasidism stories and the chapter and verse from Genesis that directly correlates with the story. Please utilize this list when relating the stories to Genesis

1. p. 59, The Nature of Service: “And there was evening” (Gen. 1:5)

2.    p. 71, Testimony: “And the heaven and the earth” (Gen. 2:1)

3.    p. 96, Destroying a Man: “Lay not thy hand” (Gen. 22:12)

4.    pp. 96-97, The Right Kind of Help

5.    p. 116, A Great Nation

6.    pp. 116-117, Two Kinds of Love: “And Jacob served” (Gen. 29:20)

7.    p. 155, A Sign for Cain: “And the Lord set” (Gen. 4:15)

8.    p. 158, Light: “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:13)

9.    p. 163, The Soul and the Evil Urge: “If thou wilt take the left hand” (Gen. 13:9)

10.   p. 163, Bitter, Not Bad

11.   p. 170, The Ladder: “And he dreamed” (Gen. 28:12)

12.   pp. 187-188, Concerning Joseph’s Brothers: “We are upright men…we are verily guilty” (Gen. 42:21)

13.   p. 231, Abraham and His Guests: “And he stood over them” (Gen. 18:8)

14.   p. 231, The Right Child

15.   pp. 249-250, Two Pockets: “I am earth” (Gen. 18:27)

16.   p. 259, Eternal Creation

17.   p. 259, Curse and Blessing: “Curse upon the serpent” (Gen. 3:14, 16, 17)

18.   pp. 263-264, The Covenant with the Philistines: “And they two made a covenant” (Gen. 21:27)

19.   p. 307, Emphasis: “And though God did say” (Gen. 3:1)

20.   p. 311, In the Dust

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