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The topic is the US College Student drug use. And this template is related to the other one named Benchmark 1. if you need that file and the articles for that file just ask me to upload it.

There is the instruction for the template and the template is in the upload file.


1.Introduce the high-risk behavior and target community

2.Discuss the size and distribution of the target community

3.Discuss how your community is affected by the high-risk behavior (using epidemiologic data)

4.Use the Socio-Ecological Model to discuss risk-factors that contribute to the high-risk behavior in your selected community.

Use full sentences (except for list), 3rd person perspective

Double space all text.

All text is paraphrased (in your own words) [only if absolutely necessary quotes may be used in a limited fashion (max of 1 for the assignment) and must be properly cited in APA with “…”]

Provide at least one key piece of information that you plan to include in your paper and include the APA citation for the following six details (only provide the specific items requested, providing information not requested may result in a reduction in points as it appears you do not know what was asked for):

  1. Provide detail on the scope of the high-risk behavior (Scope = epidemiological data such as incidence/ prevalence) within your population
  2. Provide detail on the health disparity within your population compare it to other populations (size, cost, years life lost, premature death)
  3. Provide detail on the Community/Population’s distribution (location, communities, etc., composition) and size within the U.S.
  4. Provide evidence linking negative health outcome/health disparity with the high-risk behavior (show statistical association between high-risk behavior and health outcome/health disparity)
  5. Provide a CBO that works to reduce the health disparity and identify the program or action that relates to this objective of the CBO
  6. Provide the Healthy People 2030 objective(s) most closely aligned with the health disparity
  7. Optional/Bonus source: find a source that discusses cultural competence issues within your selected population.
  1. Provide a reference list in APA 7th edition formatting, include those references used in Bench Mark #1
  1. Must have an author and a date
  2. All references must have a corresponding citation (reference list not a bibliography)
  3. Must be published within the last 10 years.
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