Family Life Education (FLE) reflection


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The purpose of this assignment is to deepen understanding of the ten Family Life Education content areas and explore their connection to duties/activities performed in the field of Family Science.


In this module, you will consider duties/activities in your six chosen careers in relation to NCFR’s Family Life Education (FLE) Content Areas.

Step 1. Refer to the NCFR: FLE Content Area resources in Modules 2 & 8…

Step 2. Identify three NCFR: FLE Content Areas that are aligned with each of the six careers your have chosen to explore this semester.

Step 3. Identify/imagine a professional duty/activity related to each career that could connect to/ represent each content area.

Step 4. Write a brief justification for the connection between activity and content area.

Step 5. Use the examples below to fulfill assignment for full points.

Student Work Examples:

Career: Early Childhood Family Services & Education

FLE Content Area 1: Parent Education and Guidance

Duty/Activity: Establishing an educational playgroup with children and their parents, during which parents and children work together to create an obstacle course.

Justification: By providing parents and their children a specific goal to achieve, and providing materials necessary to reach that goal, parents and children can engage in relationship-building and problem-solving skills.

FLE Content Area 2: Internal Dynamics of Families

Duty/Activity: Hosting virtual workshop on co-parenting young children between households

Justification: By providing a safe atmosphere for divorced parents, in an accessible, virtual space, parents can be exposed to a variety of methods for co-parenting and supporting children as they navigate divorce.

FLE Content Area 3: Family Resource Management

Duty/Activity: Facilitating a community-based personal finance management workshop

Justification: By assisting parents and grandparents in developing a budget and spending plans, setting financial goals, using credit wisely, and establishing a savings account, families can experience and model financial security in ways they may not have had access to or knowledge of previously.

Career: Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Assistance

FLE Content Area 1: Human Sexuality

Duty/Activity: Developing an information session for local middle and high schoolers that provides a brief overview of services available at area centers (such as Planned Parenthood or Women’s Care Center)

Justification: By providing an opportunity for teens to gain exposure on safe sexual practices and health care services that are available to the community, guidance and support in teen sexual health will be given when it may be unavailable via other routes

FLE Content Area 2: Family Life Education Methodology

Duty/Activity: Developing a Q&A session for teens, to be provided in tandem with local school support in health classes, which provides an educational quiz before and after the session, whose anonymous results can be recorded and evaluated in an effort to provide targeted support in different areas in the county.

Justification: By including a pre and post-quiz during the presentation, effectiveness of information delivery can be evaluated and adjusted to provide the best services for the target area

FLE Content Area 3 : Parent Education and Guidance

Duty/Activity: Developing a Mommy & Me playgroup for teen moms after school, that provides guidance and support for teen mothers as they learn how to become parents while still attending school

Justification: Providing support and education through playgroups may reach more teen parents than a classroom setting. Playgroup leaders can model parenting behaviors, teach teens about early child development, and help locate resources for teen parents in need of extra support

Technical Requirements

  1. 12 point font, Times New Roman, Word.doc
  2. Title your file [Last name_NCFR Content Areas]
  3. Submit to Dropbox
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