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As part of the learning process, you should actively seek to understand the lab problems that you missed; hence the correction report. In this report, you will identify which problems you missed, why you missed them and how to correctly solve them. Sometimes I will ask you to submit this document directly to me, while at other times, I may ask you to share your results with classmates in a discussion forum. Even when I do not ask you to submit this report, you should approach missed questions in this manner.

Submit a Correction Report for Labs 3 OR 4. I suggest selecting the lab that was the most difficult for you. If you choose to do this optional correction report, 5 points will be added to the Reflection category. Since it is an extra credit opportunity, no late assignments will be accepted.

Create Your Report:

You may create a correction report in whatever word processing program you want, as long as you submit the file as a PDF. If you did not get all of the answers completely correct, do not worry! This is a completely normal part of learning. Remember that the labs are not graded based on correctness because you are learning new techniques and concepts.

  • If some of your answers were incorrect, create a 3-column table in a document that looks like this:
    Sample Correction Report Format
    • Each incorrect question will include 2 rows, with a minimum of 4 items: The thing that you got wrong, an explanation of what went wrong (that caused you to get an incorrect answer), what the correct answer is, and why this is the correct answer. This applies to all types of questions: calculations, diagrams, and textual answers.
      Sample Completed Correction Report
      Exercise X: Question X <Your incorrect answer here> <The correct answer here>
      <The reason you got the answer wrong here> <The reason the answer above is correct here>
      Exercise Y: Question Y <Your incorrect answer here> <The correct answer here>
      <The reason you got the answer wrong here> <The reason the answer above is correct here>
    • If the question you are correcting has several parts (e.g., Q5 part 1, Question 5 part 2), only include the individual parts that need correcting – do not include a row in your table for a question that you answered correctly.
    • Some questions will involve things like drawing, graphing, marking maps, ArcGIS Online screenshots, measurement, etc. For these questions, include a screenshot of the incorrect answer and include a screenshot of the correct answer that you created. Do not include a screenshot from my “key” as part of your correction report. Your responsibility is to redo the work, making the correction.
    • Some questions will involve mathematical calculations. For these questions, include all of the steps that you used to obtain the incorrect answer, and all of the steps needed to obtain the correct answer. In other words: show your calculations. When including your calculations (both the initial and correction) in the correction report, you can: a) take a picture of the handwritten calculations and insert them in the document; b) type the calculations in the document.
    • You may identify situations where you submitted an answer that was mostly correct (e.g., the answer requested was to 4 decimal places and you included 5, or you did not include the units). In these cases, you can make the correction, but do not need to include the calculations again.
    • If you left a question blank in the lab submission (which will result in a point deduction in the lab) or failed to submit the lab, you will not be able to obtain points for it in the correction report without following these steps:
      1. After the “corrections table” described above, you will create a new section in your correction report and call it: “Questions Not Answered in the Original Lab Submission”.
      2. In this part of the correction report, answer each question that you left blank in the original lab.
      3. Underneath each question that you answer, write a thorough explanation of how this answer was obtained, the steps needed to obtain this answer, the reason why it is the correct answer, etc.
  • Note: all students will be submitting a correction report even if they had no errors. If all of your answers (including units) were completely correct, write “All of my answers on lab <insert number here> are completely correct.” That’s it! You will get full credit for the Correction Report.

I want you to be successful! If you thoroughly review the key, the lab, and the videos, and still do not understand why my answer is the correct answer, please reach out to other classmates via the Q&A forum, to me via Zoom office hours or by scheduling a meeting, or to me via email or Canvas Inbox. Please do not submit a correction report that says something along the lines of “This is the correct answer, but I do not know why it is correct.” This is honest, which is nice, but is not a complete / appropriate outcome for the correction report. Remember that I am available for you every week. If you do not understand why something is correct when doing a correction report, you will not be well-prepared for the exam.

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