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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

I would like you to do two different assignment part one and part to and need it done in a timely manner and done well done I have English project its a research proposal and my topic is about health care and stuff


Watch a documentary film ((please make sure the film is a documentary, not a work of fiction) about your topic. You should be able to find a documentary related to your topic. You can use IMDB, the databases, or even google. Our library has documentaries about many topics as well–check this out http://libguides.seattlecentral.edu/library/multim… to an external site.. Try the FILMS ON DEMAND database.

Documentary films allow you to hear from people actually involved in your topic. They tend to have a strong point of view, so pay attention to the thesis of the film, and think about alternative points of view as well.

If you’re ABSOLUTELY unable to find a documentary, then go through one of your scholarly books instead of writing about the film. This is a last resort, however, because documentary films are a really valuable resource for research papers.

Answer these questions. Please number your responses (don’t write an essay):

1. What is the documentary’s thesis?

2. Who is interviewed or mentioned in the film?

3. What is the authority (what are the credentials, why does their opinion matter) of the people interviewed or mentioned?

4. Who produced the film? How do you know this is a credible source?

5. Include four notes (quotations or paraphrases) from the documentary.

6. Cite your film in MLA style. If you found the film using our library databases, you should find a cite link. If not, use the Purdue OWL and look up how to cite a film in MLA style.

7. How did you find this film?

EXAMPLE OF WHAT I PICKED FOR MY RESEARCH PROPOSAL you have to find a documentary film in the same category and write it in a pdf RESEARCH PROPOSAL Topic: The Role of Nursing in Healthcare Innovation

Research Question: What obstacles do nurses in this role confront, and how do they contribute to medical innovation?

I’m drawn to this topic due to its alignment with Ben Gran’s TED talk, ‘Why Nurses Are Key to Medical Innovation.’ The talk emphasized the profound influence nurses wield in healthcare innovation. I aim to dive deeper into this concept, as it resonates with my career aspiration of becoming a healthcare professional.

My interest in this topic stems from a TED talk titled “Why Nurses Are Key to Medical Innovation” by Ben Gran. The talk underscored the significant impact nurses can have on healthcare innovation. As someone aspiring to become a healthcare professional, I find it crucial to explore the role of nurses in driving innovation within the healthcare sector. This topic aligns with my career goal and highlights the often-underappreciated contributions of nurses to the healthcare ecosystem. In the context of quickly developing medical equipment and a constantly changing healthcare landscape, the role of nurses in encouraging innovation has become an important area of research. The aim of this study is to look into the important role that nurses play in the field of medical innovation, as successfully highlighted in Ben Gran’s TED Talk, “Why Nurses Are Crucial to Medical Innovation.” This study tries to clarify the distinct contributions that nurses make to breakthroughs in patient care, treatment methods, and healthcare delivery by looking at the background and context of nursing practice within the larger healthcare system. In addition, this study aims to define specific objectives and questions that will guide the research, ultimately showing the importance and usefulness of empowering nurses.

I find this research project very informing because after watching the TED talk I felt even more inspired to pursue my goal of becoming a nurse. The talk highlighted the crucial role that nurses play in driving innovation within the healthcare field. It reinforced my belief that by becoming a nurse, I can contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices and make a positive impact on patients’ lives. As someone aspiring to become a nurse, I understand that nurses in this role face various obstacles. A significant obstacle often encountered is the low awareness of their ability to encourage breakthroughs in medicine. The depth of understanding and expertise held by nurses may not be fully appreciated by everybody, which can limit their capacity to take part in the growth of new healthcare solutions. Nurses continue to be essential to medical innovation in spite of these challenges. Their first-hand knowledge of patient care and front-line experience provide invaluable advice for pinpointing areas that require improvement. They are in a unique position to provide useful insights that could result in healthcare procedures that are more successful and efficient. We can open up new opportunities for improving the healthcare industry by supporting nurses’ innovation and applying their knowledge.

List of Potential Sources (MLA Format):

Smith, Jane. “Nursing Innovation in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities.” Journal of Nursing Innovation, vol. 6, no. 2, 2019, pp. 87-102.

Johnson, Michael. “Nurse-Led Initiatives for Healthcare Innovation: A Comprehensive Review.” Journal of Healthcare Innovation, vol. 15, no. 3, 2020, pp. 45-61.

Gran, Ben. “Why Nurses Are Key to Medical Innovation.” TED Talks,www.ted.com/talks/ben_gran_why_nurses_are_key_to_medical_innovation.

Davis, Patricia. “Obstacles Faced by Nurses in Healthcare Innovation: A Qualitative Study.”

Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 25, no. 1, 2018, pp. 32-46.

Anderson, Elizabeth. “Nursing’s Role in Bridging the Gap: Promoting and Implementing Healthcare Innovations.” Nursing Management, vol. 22, no. 4, 2021, pp. 20-26.

These sources will provide a foundation for my research, offering insights into the obstacles nurses face in healthcare innovation and how they contribute to driving medical advancements.The journal articles and TED talk by Ben Gran will be particularly valuable in providing in-depth information and perspectives on the topic.

Requirements: answer the questions two to three sentences

Explanation & Answer

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