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Identifying an opportunity for growth in the midst of a crisis can be a challenge for both the person in the crisis and the professional providing therapeutic services. However, the treatment provider has the privilege and responsibility to intervene and influence the schemata of the person in the identified crisis. Identify a developmental, situational, or subjective (existential) crisis, the potential dangers (described in the literature), the opportunity for growth (types: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, volitional), and the common treatment interventions (identified in the literature) that are used to intervene with said crisis.

Please respond to the following TWO post by following the criteria within the “A Crisis Presents Dangers and Opportunity for Growth” document.


A crisis is an event that occurs that significantly impacts the individual in an upsetting way. There are several definitions for a crisis and different forms of them. For example, a developmental crisis is a crisis that occurs as an individual is growing up that affects the next stage of their life. Existential crises are ideas or thoughts that affect an individual mentally. They question their life decisions and morality. And finally, a situational crisis occurs when something unexpected or traumatic happens such as natural disasters or victimization of a crime (Cherry, 2023).

The crisis has both the potential to be a danger and the opportunity for growth. Kanel gave the perfect example pf a rape victim who refused to get help and has developed their crisis into a danger. “The longer she waits to get help, the more resistant she will be to it because of the amount of energy she will have invested in the denial process” (Kanel, 2018). By refusing to seek help the victim goes into a stage of denial and depression that can lead to serious consequences such as suicide or even drug abuse. They shut themselves out from their friends and family when they should be open to seeking comfort and attention. The possibility for growth comes with help. In events such as severe car crashes, robberies, or even rape the individual has the possibility to grow by developing coping skills and insight. They may become more resilient to similar situations both emotionally and physically and be more aware of their surroundings to prevent future events from occurring. The important aspect is to grow from help rather than become a danger.

There are a few ways to intervene in crises such as crisis interventions, brief therapy, 12 step programs, psychotherapy, counseling, mental health programs, and more. All around the world there are 24-hour hotlines that can be called by individuals experiencing a crisis. However, a crisis intervention is the most used to treat patients through numerous counseling sessions. For example, I live in California and can attend therapy sessions or programs around the valley if needed such as the ABC Recovery Center located 10 miles away from my home (2023).

A crisis is sometimes unavoidable, and it is the strength within us that allows us to move forward with our lives. In the New International Version, the Bible says in Proverbs 3:25-26, “Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared” (1973/2011). God is telling us in the greatest book every written, in his story, in his words, that we must not fear disaster, crisis, threats, or danger because he will give us the strength needed to overcome anything. If we believe in him and trust in him, we value life even in the bad times. We keep our faith that the situation will get better and that he stands by our side always.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Respond to this post as well, following the same criteria as above:

The loss of a loved one is considered a situational crisis, because it’s not an occurrence that can be controlled or expected. The dangers of not receiving the proper crisis intervention after such an event could result in the declining ability to deal with similar crisis in the future. Someone going through a crisis may choose to deny help or shut off their feelings and bottle up emotions, causing them to have psychotic breakdowns, commit suicide, or the potential to harm others (Kanel, 2019). It is best to start any treatment right after a crisis to prevent poor mental instability or breakdowns later on.

After the loss of a loved one, it may seem sudden for the relatives of the deceased person and in order to cope with their loss, the family might seek out a medical autopsy to assure themselves whether the said deceased suffered or went quickly during their last moments. Facts help to replace chaos with coherence and structure, and information about one’s own and others’ reactions normalizes thoughts and reactions; reduces insecurity and to understand what has happened (Dyregrov & Kristensen, 2020). While this helps with coping over a loved one’s passing, other methods of treatment are recommended.

Maintaining a supportive environment and a healthy mental status amongst family or close friends will help from struggling with loss and grief on your own. Receiving therapy shortly after the crisis, is most effective than keeping to yourself and trying to keep a normal and stable life. This usually ends in a more positive outlook on life for the person going through the crisis.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

Please use the AACC document for the next two discussion board posts when you respond to them:


One aspect that should be handled in this situation of martial tension in a biracial marriage is to reduce the level of anxiety between the two individuals. The reason behind reducing the level of anxiety is to provide the two individuals to communicate freely without the feeling of being anxious or nervous. There are cultural differences that one might not understand but it is good to communicate and come to a common resolution because one of the differences might offend the other, so it is better to talk and understand to respect the individual (Sue et al., 2019).

Yes, after meeting the couple referring them to another professional who is more qualified would be a more efficient and effective way to present solutions to the problems. According to American Association of Christian Counselors (2023) the code of ethics states that a reference of duty to competent colleagues because the lack of experience involved with dealing with martial problems. It is also out of my area of expertise meaning that it is better to get a counselor who is more qualified in that area. It would be advised for me to incline to seek help form a cultural ‘broker’ for assistance because I should not provide services beyond my limits of practice meaning I shouldn’t help if not trained in the area and refer them to an expert in biracial marital counseling (American Association of Christian Counselors, 2023).



In this particular instance, after the first meeting, because my clinical orientation is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is teaching people how to control their thoughts, actions, and emotions, I would seek the help of a cultural broker since they would have more experience in this area of expertise. Depending on the type of biracial marriage, for example, if one is an Asian American, cognitive behavior therapy would be useful (Chueng & Jahn, 2017), however, a cultural broker would still be best. Their supervised assistance will analyze the couple’s needs and therefore determine if they could be kept with me as their counselor or go with another. The supervised assistance could determine and point out my strengths or lack of ETIC and EMIC necessary for a successful therapy session with this couple (Desai, Paranamana, et al., 2021). By doing this, as a professional and ethical individual, I am making sure the probability of success in counseling is aimed strictly at the client’s benefit and not my own. If I were to experience only a few sessions with them before (if necessary) recommending them to another counselor, I would use this opportunity to learn about both cultures, and the situation, and educate myself in the necessary aspects that I lacked to be better prepared if I encounter this scenario again.

Acting ethically responsible in accepting or not a patient can be supported by the Biblical principle of the Golden rule:Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets” Matthew 7:12. It is not only my professional obligation to provide the necessary care for each patient but as a Christian, I will provide the best support and/or reference to make sure my fellow brothers and sisters are getting the optimal help for success. I would do my best to do so as a professional because I would want a professional in the same or in a different area to do their best to provide optimal help.

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