Designing a Personal Monument


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This assignment, Designing a Personal Monument, asks you to design your own monument by borrowing ideas from existing historical monuments and sites. You will craft your monument using what you have learned from course materials about the use, construction, design, decoration, and cultural representation of specific sites. Your task is to utilize design elements, plans, terms, and construction methods to represent a structure that you consider monumental culturally, and not merely in terms of structure and scale. Your monument might have religious, cultural, or personal significance, but you may also design the monument based on aesthetics or compelling combinations of design features.

What makes a building a monument? The term monument need not designate solely a structure that is monumental in size or style. Monuments often evoke strong emotions within those who visit and utilize the site. A monument typically portrays a powerful message to the collective community through its design and ornamentation and provides a sense of identity and belonging.

For this assignment, design a single building that you represent visually and describe in text. When visually representing your monument, you may use any medium as long as it is your own work, and the image of your monument is included in the one-page assignment. Your artistic skills will not be graded, but the design features should be clearly depicted. AI may be used to create a visual representation of your monument, but you may not use AI to generate your text. If you choose to use AI, be aware that it is not always accurate – it is your responsibility to check for an accurate representation of the design features in your image and to ensure the final image is clear and not distorted.

Include one clear image of your monument and, following the instructions below, introduce us to your monument, discuss its personal significance, and describe at least three specific design features you have included in your monument, correctly citing references from the course material. Design features might include elements such as post and lintel or corbeled construction, columns (Doric, Ionic, or other orders) or colonnade, arch or arcade, etc. Finally, reflect on your monument’s potential influence or on the message it provides to your community or society.

→ Compile your image(s) and text into a single one-page word file.

  1. Monument Image and Caption: Include a clear image of the monument you designed. The image should clearly show the entire monument with your three chosen design features visible. Provide a caption for your image, including a title for your monument, and identify the medium (sketch, collage, AI-generated, etc.). [2 points}
  2. Monument Description: Introduce, in about 100 words, your monument by describing the setting, detailing the borrowed design features, and the personal significance portrayed, relating it to identity, message, or community. [3 points]
  3. Design Features: Describe, in about 100 words, three design features you’ve included in your monument, why you included them, and what they represent to you. Next, by referencing the course lectures and text, for each of your three features, describe it and identify a site where you have encountered the feature. [3 points]
  4. Reflections on Monuments: Write a reflection, up to 50 words, on how your monument will invoke a response from visitors or how the monument can serve to connect visitors to others in the community or their own identity. [2 points]

Address all 4 points by thoughtfully crafting responses using the vocabulary and understanding of built spaces you have developed thus far.

Note: You may read articles and watch videos for inspiration to design your monument, but you must cite any ideas and words that are not your own. Your submission should be your work, and incorporating AI-generated text is prohibited. Submissions will be scanned by Turnitin SimCheck software. Any intentional plagiarism will result in a failing grade on the assignment with no make-up opportunity.

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