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  • Using the attached dataset and Excel, organize the data by sorting on the variable TYPE_CNTRL from lowest to highest. For this assignment, you will only use the data for City and County, District, State, and University, so copy rows with the values of 1,2,3,4 into a new dataset and label it Public Hospital Utilization. (Alternatively, you can delete the rows that do not have that type of control and save that reduced data as Public Hospital Utilization). For political reasons, the legislature does not want to do anything with the psychiatric facilities, so sort your new dataset using TYPE_LIC (License Category (Type)) and only keep the rows associated with a General Acute Care License.

Using this new dataset Public Hospital Utilization, which should have 70 observations and 43 variables, complete the following:

Part 1:

  • Create a table with frequency, relative frequency, and cumulative relative frequency for the categorical variables TRAUMA_CTR, TEACH_HOSP, and TYPE_CNTRL. Be sure to identify the actual variable name for these as a heading to your tables. (Use whatever method you wish to create these tables – all Excel, some Excel and some hand-calculated, all hand-calculated).
  • Interpret the frequency results for each variable; be sure to replace the numbers with the value name per Table 4 in the Code Book.
  • Include the appropriate graphs and tables for each variable in a word document. Label each with the variable name (Code Book)

Part 2:

  • Using Excel, compute the appropriate descriptive statistics for variables MED_SURG_LICBED_DAY, MED_SURG_CENS_DAY, GAC_LICBED_DAY_SUBTOTL, and SENATE_DIST based on their level of measurement.
  • Create an appropriate graph to display the descriptive statistics for each variable
  • Include a screenshot of the results for each variable as well as the graphs in your word document from Part 1.
  • Interpret the mean and standard deviation of the quantitative variables and include in your word document.
  • For each of the variables, discuss why you choose that descriptive statistic and graph.
    • Support your response using references to the Unit 1 content
    • Suggest an alternative approach or graph you could have used to describe that variable

Include at least one external source to support your written responses to parts 1 and 2.

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