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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS) is tailor-made for policy speeches that seek immediate action. Check out this Special Olympics Speech that uses MMS as an organizational pattern.

MMS is also used for the development of commercials and infomercials.

1) View the vintage Bieber commercial (below), which employs Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to persuade viewers to take action.

2) Select an online commercial/infomercial that is organized according to MMS. Post a link to the commercial/infomercial and a brief analysis in which you (a) identify the target audience for the commercial and (b) describe each step in the motivated sequence as it appears in the commercial/infomercial.

You can find examples by doing an Internet search or a YouTube search. Choose an example not already posted by a classmate. do not plagiarize or use chatgbt as I will check that in Turnitin

Be sure to reference Lucas with a page number for the main post

The first two student are 50 words answers and the seocnd with 100 words

The commercial I have chosen was about Snuggies.

First student 50 words TARA

: The commercials targeted audience was varied, they have a one size fits all for adults and children. To show this, they showed a mother and daughter both in a Snuggie, which got the audiences attention. “Relating to the audience, showing the importance of the topic…or using a visual aid” (Lucas pg. 306, 307). The Snuggies commercial was addressing the problem that you are cold and want to be warm but you don’t want to turn the heat up because it will make your heating bill more expensive. ” You make the audience feel a need for change” (Lucas 307). It then moved into letting the audience know that blankets are a choice however the problem with them is that they slip and slide on you and sometimes you can’t cover your whole body to stay warm. When you try to move and grab for example in the video, the phone needed to be answered, but she had to quickly try to unravel her arms out of the blanket in order to grab it, another problem with a blanket. To provide a solution to not raising your heating bill and to not having to struggle with a blanket anymore, they proposed the Snuggie. For satisfaction, it explained that the purchaser would no longer have to worry about trying to fish out their arms, because the Snuggie has sleeves, so now you can freely use your arms, which you couldn’t before with a regular blanket. “Having aroused a sense of need, you satisfy it by providing a solution to the problem. You present your plan and show how it will work. Be sure to offer enough details about the plan to give listeners a clear understanding of it” (Lucas 307). To offer visualization for the viewers, they showed how with a Snuggie you can easily hold or access the ringing phone, read a book, get on your laptop, grab the remote, or even eat a snack while staying warm. It also then showed what the Snuggie was made out of and how big the sleeves were, so the purchaser knows how much room they have to still move in, as if they were in a blanket but better. Near the ending of the video it showed the mom getting up to make coffee while still in her Snuggie and how she was able to still move around and do thinks around the house while staying warm and cozy. It also showed that you can still hold and play with you infant or even your dog, you can use them outdoor, as the video showed making Smores, or watching a game outside, or that it’s even good for college students who are inside studying. “Make them see how much better conditions will be once your plan is adopted” (Lucas 307). It exemplifies the product by showing how it can be washed in the washing machine and you can get “years” of warmth and comfort. For the last step of the Monroes Motivated Sequence it tells the viewers how they can now do what they need to do while staying “totally warm with the Snuggie.” “Conclude with a final stirring appeal that reinforces their commitment to act” (Lucas 307). The Snuggies commercial, in my opinion, did a great job executing the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and hit every step on the list in order to do so!


I chose an adidas commercial. The first step of MMS is attention. Our book says, “telling a dramatic story” (pg 307) is one way to get attention. In this adidas commercial, they have very dramatic music from beginning to end and it starts out sad. There is an elderly man who seems unhappy as days go on. The second step is a need. In page 307 Lucas says, “You show there is a serious problem with the existing situation.” We find out the elderly man is sad because he lives his life doing nothing and feels constrained by his age. We see him watch a young man running with envy. He gets inspiration and starts running himself but finds that all the staff at the old people home keeps on preventing him from running freely. He tries running everywhere in the building but is always stopped. He eventually gives up and mopes around a chair all day. The third step is satisfaction where there is a solution. A man even older than him who is wheelchair bound gifts him adidas shoes, sparking his motivation again and becoming the catalyst for the oncoming future. The other elderly residents cheer for him out in the halls as he run from the building. The fourth step is visualization where you see the profit. After the man runs from the building while everyone is cheering for him, he is seen clearly exhilarated and free which contrasts with his emotions in the beginning. Not only is it impacting him, it’s motivating everyone else around him who is cheering for him. The last step is action which is what you want your audience to do. The commercial ends with the phrase “break free” and their company logo and is urging people to do the same and buy a pair of adidas shoes. This commercial nails everything and definitely is motivational for anyone who feels like they need fresh thrill in an environment they think they’re wasting away in.

First student 100 words Joseph

  • Groupthink can be defined as “a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, where the members’ striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013, p. 151). I experienced groupthink while doing a group study for a test. We were trying to figure out how to spend our time and what we would focus on studying, there was one problem that stuck out to most of us so we focused on that. When the test came around we were ready for the one problem that we really focused on but most of us struggled with many of the other questions on the test.
  • The group was pretty volatile “when group members must make a high-stakes decision, stress levels are high” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013, p. 151). We were all pretty stressed out about doing well, so we were so focused on the one problem that gave us some trouble that we neglected most of the other material.
  • One option that I can think of that could have helped us to avoid this particular situation is to split the group up, have one group work on the big problem, and present it to the other group which would work on the other material. After the groups finished their material we would come together as a group and show how each group worked out the problems. Other members including myself could have raised a question saying “is this the best way that we can spend our time?” The group could have gone around the room and asked each group member if there was anything else that they thought we should cover.
  • Second student 100 words response Derry
  • After taking the survey I found many different things about myself that I did not know that had pertained to conflict management. I scored very low with a seven in the self-items category when the average was around thirteen. I scored a twenty on the issue items when the average was around twenty-four. Lastly, I scored nineteen on the other items category when the average was twenty-one. There was a time when my conflict style was very effective in helping us solve an issue that we had. I was in a conflict with a friend of mine, and I knew that he was wrong with the situation that was being presented but I ended up giving in and accepting the loss in the argument for the betterment of him to make him feel better about the situation. I used an Accommodating conflict style which is to “give in to other members at the expense of their own goals.” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2013). I did not want to hurt this person’s feelings because he was so invested in his own opinion that I did not want to crush that. There was also another time that the conflict style I chose to go with did not work out for me in the end and I never used it again. It was more of a competing conflict style about who was better at something than another and it went on for quite a while. Because of this, we ended up not hanging out as much and it caused our friendship to be broken which I did not like. That was the last time I used that style. I learned that the best approach is to not shoot to have your personal goals get in the way of a conflict. It is best to look at both sides of the conflict and try to meet in the middle to ensure that both parties feel fine with the result.
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