COMM The Rhetorical analysis section, Write an introduction and conclusion


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Length: 950-1200 words (double-spaced, 12 pt, 1-inch margins; this is roughly 4-5 pages)

The Rhetorical analysis section of the paper needs to answer one central question: What is one major strategy that the speaker used to persuade their audience in this speech? There are a few necessary components to this:

  • You should articulate your answer to this question as your interpretive argument. This is your thesis statement, in other words.
  • You should break down the analysis into 2-4 sections, as I indicate in the mini-lecture and as you prepared for in previous writing assignments.
    Each section should have clear relevance to the overall interpretive argument.
  • Within each section, use textual evidence from the speech to support your interpretation. As we have been practicing, focus on the decisions that the speaker makes related to invention, arrangement, or style, and how those decisions invite the audience to think differently about the case. Textual evidence does not speak for itself, so make sure you analyze any textual evidence you use.
  • You may only use ONE block quote, and it may not be more than 6 lines long. I do not want a series of block quotes to fill up space.
  • Each paragraph in the writing should be focused on aclear point and be led by a strong topic sentence.
  • No sources are needed other than the speech itself, though you are welcome to include them if you find them useful


  • Length: 2000-2500 words (double-spaced, 12 pt, 1-inch margins; this is roughly 7-10 pages)We have been building up the paper throughout the semester, so most of this work is already done. For this assignment, you need to…1. Write an introduction and conclusion with the following components:
    • Introduction:
    • Introduce the speaker/speech that is the subject of the paper
    • Explain that you will be conducting a rhetorical analysis (in case you use this as a writing sample later)
    • Identify your main argument
    • Preview the sections of the paper
    • Conclusion:
    • Summarize your main argument again
    • Reflect on what we should learn about rhetoric or citizenship from your speaker

    Put all of the sections together into one paper, which should contain the following:1. Introduction1. Rhetorical situation (should include 4
    academic sources)III. Rhetorical analysisIV. ConclusionV. References (APA style)

  • Next……
  • The full draft should include the two main sections of your paper combined in one document:
    • Rhetorical situation section
    • Rhetorical analysis section

    If you have the Introduction or Conclusion already written, go ahead and include those too. We do not need your summary of sources, preparatory analyses, or topic proposal.

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